Aiden English on Storyline with Lana, Segment for Next Week, Fans Speculate on The Rock Connection


This week’s WWE SmackDown saw the feud between Aiden English and Rusev & Lana continue as English hinted that Lana did something bad “in Milwaukee” in the past.

English later said he would reveal what Lana did in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during next Tuesday’s SmackDown episode from Portland. English is promising visual proof that The Ravishing Russian did something bad in Cream City.

Several fans on social media pointed out how The Rock made a reference to having a wild night of adult fun with Lana and teaching her the “Wisconsin Wheelbarrow” during a January 2016 promo on RAW in Miami. Rock’s promo did not say they were in Milwaukee, but that they were in Brooklyn. It seems like a long shot that The Rock would be involved in this storyline or that they would bring this part of the promo back in 2018 but it’s possible that WWE makes a mention.

The lines from Rock begin at around the 3:35 mark in the video below. You can also see shots from this week’s SmackDown angle with post-show tweets below.

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