Ahmed Johnson On Triple H & Scott Hall Helping Him, Goldust & More


Ahmed Johnson was recently a guest on “Why It Ended With Robbie E”. During the interview, he discussed the help he received from Triple H and Scott Hall early in his career, the appreciation that he has for Goldust and more. Here are the highlights:

On Triple H & Scott Hall Helping Him:

Only person that really helped that I can say, Triple H helped me in the ring big-time. Razor Ramon helped me, he would watch my matches, when I got done—he would put me to the side after most my matches—he would put me to the side tell me what, you know, what he’d seen he’d like and what he didn’t like. And so, you know, I had those two in my corner in the beginning so that was cool with me, you know. Then Razor and them left, but in the beginning that’s the two guys I’d give credit to.

On Goldust:

I give Goldust his props too, man, you know. He’s just a hell of a performer. He’s a hell of a performer – you can’t get over Goldust you can’t get over. He’s one of the best in the business at getting you over.

On Goldust Kissing Him On Live TV:

We practiced this over and over and Goldust was supposed to put his hand over his mouth – he was supposed to kiss his hand, but he wanted to do a ‘ha-ha’ cause he knew it was live TV and I couldn’t you know get up and move if he kissed me. So he kissed me in real and I was so fired up.

On Whether He Thinks His Feud With The Nation Of Domination Lasted Too Long:

It kept drawing, you know, where ever we went, especially overseas, it was drawing big time, but I just think it went on just a tad bit too long.

On Working With Ron Simmons:

Oh yeah, I did. I enjoyed working with him. Cause he had a lot more knowledge about what should go and how the match should go than I did, being that he’s been in the business forever.

You can listen to the entire episode below:

Credit: Why It Ended With Robbie E. H/T Wrestlezone

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