After the tragedy, PSG attacks a world champion


While Sergio Rico recovers from his injuries following his accident on horseback, PSG are said to be working to find a double for Gianluigi Donnarumma. Who could then come to compensate for the future absence of the Spanish goalkeeper? Some tracks have already been mentioned in the press and now this Sunday, it is the name of Hugo Lloris who is announced at PSG.

Coming out of a coma after narrowly escaping death, Sergio Rico is expected to leave hospital soon. But while the Spaniard has lost 20 kilos and 30% of his muscle mass, it is difficult to see him returning to PSG as a lining Gianluigi Donnarumma. The capital club is therefore working to replace him. What will be the solution found by the PSG ?

Lloris back in Ligue 1 at PSG?

According to information from Daily Recordthis solution could be called Hugo Lloris. One year from the end of his contract at Tottenhamthe 2018 world champion with theFrench team would look for a way out. While Lloris would have been offered to several teams, the PSG could reach out to him and make him the understudy of Donnarumma and thus bring him back to Ligue 1.

Tottenham complicates things

It now remains to find an agreement for his departure from Tottenham. According to information from the British media, the clan Lloris would like him to be released from his final year of contract after all he has been able to do in his 11 years at Spurs. But here it is Daniel Levy wouldn’t hear it that way. The boss of Tottenham would have every intention of recovering a transfer fee if Lloris go to PSG.

After the tragedy, PSG attacks a world champion 24hfootnews.

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