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AEW Rampage Results 11/11/22


AEW Rampage 11/11/22

Tony Schiavone, Excalibur, and Jim Ross are on the call tonight from the Agannis Arena in Boston, Massachusetts! Christian Cage and Luchasaurus hit the ring and Jungle Boy comes out shortly after. Christian says he and Luchasaurus are done with Jungle Boy after Jungle Boy cost them their title opportunity last week. Luchasaurus cost Jungle Boy three years of his career, and now Jungle Boy wants him in a cage match. Christian accepts the challenge. Christian wants Jungle Boy’s mom to be at ringside, but the good news is Jungle Boy has his father’s good looks. That sets Jungle Boy off but Luchasaurus puts a stop to the attack, before he choke slams Jungle Boy on an open chair!

Match #1. AEW World Title Tournament Eliminator: Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana vs. Dante Martin

Springboard cross body by Martin but Cages catches him and curls him. Martin flips out and uses his speed to avoid Cage. Dropkick by Martin sends Cage to the outside. Martin tries a suicide dive but Cage catches him in a vertical suplex and drops him hard on the floor! Cage tries to get the count out victory but Martin slides in the ring just in the nick of time. Tilt a whirl slam by Cage gets a two count. F5 attempt by Cage but Martin converts it into a DDT. Martin fires in some elbow strikes and an enziguiri. Diving cross body off the top gets a two count. Cage blocks the Nosedive but Martin slips out and dumps Cage to the outside. Running no handed double jump dive to the outside by Martin. Martin rolls Cage in the ring and comes off the top with a frog splash that gets two. Martin heads to the apron but Cage catches him and looks to bring him in the hard way, but Martin hits another enziguiri that drops him. Martin comes off the tp with a 450 and misses, Cage responds with a discus lariat. Weapon X by Cage seals it!

Winner: Brian Cage

Rating: **1/2. Not the longest match in the world, but it didn’t have to be. Martin got to shine a bit but Cage is being heated up here. The match was a nice clash of styles and I think these two worked well together.

Match #2. AEW World title Tournament Eliminator: Rush vs. Bandido

Rush takes Bandido out with a dive to the outside before Bandido even gets to the ring. Rush on the attack now throws Bandido into the guard rail and then chokes him with the extension chord. Rush rolls Bandido in the ring and the match finally starts. Rush teases the Bull’s Horns but pauses, and kicks Bandido in the face instead. Bandido tries to fight back with some overhand chops but hits the ropes and walks right into a shotgun dropkick by Rush. Bandido gets to this feet and tosses Rush to the outside before following up with a suicide dive. Bandido follows up with a running corkscrew tornillo as we go into a commercial break. Back from break as Bandido comes off the top rope with a frog splash! One, two, no! Bandido looks for the stalling vertical suplex but Rush hits him with a knee and a discus elbow that get two. Rush comes off the top with a diving single leg dropkick. Two count. Rush hits the topes but Bandido catches him coming in with a huge military press slam that gets him a two count. Crowd is getting fired up for this one, as they should. Bandido gets a running start but Rush sidesteps him and hits a rebound German suplex. German suplex by Bandido. By Rush. By Bandido. Diving leg lariat by Rush and both men are down. Phew. Running splash in the corner by Rush and a stuck piledriver. Two count. Rush asks Jose the Assistant for a chair and gets it. Aubrey Edwards takes the chair from Rush but Jose looks to pull off Bandido’s mask. Dark Order music hits, it’s John Silver! Silver drops Jose the Assistant and Bandido rolls Rush up from behind. One, two, three!

Winner: Bandido

Rating: ***. Fun match between two guys that are incredibly familiar with each other, but I think we could have gotten some more time out of it. Bandido is going to be right at home in AEW and going further into the tournament will only help that cause.

Match #3. Nyla Rose vs. Kayla Sparks

Pump kick by Nyla. Running back elbow in the corner. Beast Bomb.. wait, nope, Jaded. Dunzo.

Winner: Nyla Rose

Rating: NR

Jade Cargill and the Baddies hit the ring, as Jade disposes of Nyla after a pump kick. Nyla, Vickie, and Marina leave as they’re protected by her security… even though she stole the title? Alright then.

Match #4. AEW All-Atlantic Title: Orange Cassidy (c) w/ Best Friends vs. Lee Johnson w/ The Factory

Cassidy out-grapples Johnson to start and drops him with a shoulder block. Johnson responds with a shoulder block of his own and both men trade arm drags until Cassidy avoids and Johnson hits the deck. HANDS IN THE PANTS. Orange kicks by Cassidy to a seated Johnson but Cole Karter gets on the apron and gets dropkicked for his troubles. Cassidy throws Johnson into all of the turnbuckles before Karter gets back on the apron and the Best Friends and the Factory get into it on the outside. Nick Comoroto tosses Cassidy over the guard rail into the front row and QT piledrives Danhausen on the steps! In the ring, Johnson is back in control with a snap suplex. Cassidy ducks some strikes and both men hit the ropes hard but meet in the middle with a double clothesline. Cassidy eventually gets up and back body drops Johnson to the outside on Nick Comoroto. Cassidy on the apron, springboard twisting senton takes out the Factory! Cassidy rolls back in and looks for the DDT on Johnson but gets countered and planted with a Blue Thunder Bomb! Johnson distracts the referee as Comoroto picks up Cassidy but Trent spears him! The rest of the Factory jump Trent but Chuck comes flying in with a tope con hilo! Orange Punch blocked and a roll up for two. Super kick by Johnson and a powerbomb attempt countered into Beach Break! It’s all over!

Winner and STILL AEW All-Atlantic Champion: Orange Cassidy

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