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AEW Rampage Results 10/28/22


AEW Rampage 10/28/22

Live from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut! Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone are on commentary tonight. Earlier today it was announced that Wheeler Yuta was double booked, so it will be Matt Menard in a world title eliminator match against Jon Moxley instead of the JAS vs. Blackpool Combat Club tag match. Speaking of…

Match #1. Jon Moxley vs. Matt Menard

Parker is on the apron barking at Moxley which allows Menard to grab a quick start. Moxley dumps Menard to the outside however and throws him into the guard rail before beating him down with punches. Back rake! Back in the ring and Menard catches Moxley with a boot as he charges in the corner and Menard is in control now. Menard shoves Moxley to the outside and Parker takes out Moxley on the outside with a clothesline as the referee is distracted. Menard drives Moxley crotch first on the ring post and now rolls inside the ring looking for a count out. Referee is distracted again, and Parker shoves Moxley face first into the ring post. Menard with a basic head lock that Moxley reverses into a back suplex. Moxley now mounts Menard in the corner and delivers some punches. Menard holds on and hits a powerbomb before trying to lock in the Boston crab. Moxley gets to the ropes. Ace Crusher out of nowhere! Moxley now calls on Menard and asks him to take his best shot. KING KONG LARIAT by Moxley. Super plex by Moxley. Menard looks for a sunset flip but Moxley rolls through and connects with the Regal Knee. Moxley retains wrist control and drops some stomps to the head but Parker is in the ring… Ace Crusher to Parker! Parker gets dumped to the outside and now Menard goes for the quick roll up but gets two. DDT by Menard… two count. Menard looks to mount Moxley but Moxley uses an elevator sweep into a rear naked choke. Menard taps! JIU JITSSSUUUUU.

Winner: Jon Moxley

Rating: **1/2. Fine match here, and nobody expected Menard to pose much of a threat… and he didn’t. That said, the story of Menard having to rely heavily on Parker to get the upper hand made sense. Another strong win for Moxley.

Stokely is here with Myron Reed. Stoke says he knows that Moxley is pissed, but challenges Moxley to face Moriarty next week. Moxley then shows us a video package of Moriarty.

Match #2. Keith Lee vs. Serpentico

Spirit Bomb.

Winner: Keith Lee

Rating: NR.

Keith Lee is joined by Tony Schiavone and before they can get a word out, here’s The Acclaimed. No raps, tonight. The Acclaimed have a problem: Billy Gunn is missing. The Acclaimed say Swerve isn’t here either, so what the hell is going on? A video package is shown of Swerve holding Billy Gunn in an interrogation room. Swerve says Billy won’t be there and then proceeds to cut his finger off. Welp.

AEW has announced a Winter is Coming AEW World Title Eliminator tournament.

Match #3. Tay Melo w/ Sammy Guevara vs. Madison Rayne

Knuckle lock to start. Pretty slick inside trip to start by Melo before transitioning into a straight arm bar, but Rayne gets to the ropes. Melo puts Rayne on the top rope and drops her across the top turnbuckle with a sidewalk slam. Melo beats on Rayne on the outside as we head to break. Back from break now as Rayne plants Melo with a DDT. Rayne now laying in some elbow strikes and chops that drop Melo. Face buster and neck breaker combo by Rayne get two. Melo goes up top, but Rayne catches her and follows her up. Diving Ace Crusher off the top rope! Two count. Rayne looking for a running cazadora but Melo catches her, holds on, and plants her with a wheelbarrow suplex. Melo looks for the Gotch style piledriver but Rayne counters with a sliding lariat for two. Both women trade strikes with Melo getting the better of it and following up with a pump knee in the corner. TayKO finishes this one.

Winner: Tay Melo

Rating: *3/4. Melo getting the win here was the right call, but this just doesn’t seem like it’s working. Hopefully Melo can move on from Madison Rayne now.

Ethan Page says The Firm did Jon Moxley a favor in taking out MJF, but Page is entering the title eliminator tournament.

Match #4. AEW TNT Title: Wardlow (c) vs. Matt Taven w/ The Kingdom

The Kingdom’s theme music goes so hard. Taven drops Wardlow early but Wardlow headbutts his face into oblivion. Huge biel out of the corner. Wardlow follows Taven to the outside and drives him spine first into the ring post. Wardlow beats on Taven on the outside but Bennett attacks Wardlow from behind while the referee is distracted. Maria gets in between Wardlow and Bennett, which allows Taven to come over the top with a huge dive. Bennett then shoves Wardlow knee-first into the steps before rolling him in the ring. Taven up top… frog splash to the injured knee! Dragon screw leg whip by Taven and the focus is now clearly on the leg. Taven with some leg kicks but Wardlow is stalking him, albeit limping. Single leg crab now by Taven, but Wardlow drags himself to the ropes. Taven comes off the top and misses, which allows Wardlow to send him for a ride via the F10. Taven counters the lariat with an enziguiri, but Wardlow eventually catches him. Spine buster by Wardlow. Powerbomb time. Maria gets in the apron and Taven rolls through for the jackknife cover. Wardlow holds the body lock and rolls through… power bomb! Powerbomb number two! Mike Bennett tries to get in the ring but thinks better of it. Number three. Number four. Foot on the chest. Finito.

Winner and STILL TNT Champion: Wardlow

Rating: **3/4. Well, I have two feelings. I think it’s absolutely silly to debut Matt Taven in a losing effort, albeit it to the beast that is Wardlow. However, Taven looked great in defeat and The Kingdom got their act over. The match was a good one and told a good story of Matt Taven being ring savvy and working the leg of the bigger man.

Mike Bennett hits the ring and chop blocks Wardlow from behind, which brings out Samoa Joe. Joe clears house of The Kingdom as WarJoe stand tall.

Puh-puh-puh Powerhouse!

Powerhouse Hobbs hits the ring, and The Embassy jumps WarJoe from behind.  Samoa Joe gets taken out with a discus lariat by Joe. The Gates of Agony leave Wardlow laying. Prince Nana and The Embassy have arrived!

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