AEW Dynamite Results 3/1/23


It’s PPV week! The go-home Dynamite for Sunday’s Revolution is here, so expect fireworks. Let’s see what AEW has planned:
  • FTW Championship: Hook (c) vs. Matt Hardy
  • Chris Jericho vs. Peter Avalon
  • AEW All-Atlantic Championship: Orange Cassidy vs. Big Bill
  • Face of the Revolution Ladder Match: Eddie Kingston vs. Kommander vs. AR Fox vs. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Konosuke Takeshita vs. Action Andretti vs. Sammy Guevara
  • Riho vs. Toni Storm
  • Casino Tag Team Battle Royal (Top Flight, Best Friends, Dark Order, The Kingdom, Lucha Brothers, Butcher & Blade, Aussie Open, JAS, Blackpool Combat Club, LFI)

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AEW Dynamite 3/1/23

Live from the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California! Taz, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur are on the call as Justin Roberts is ready to go, and so are we.

Match #1. AEW All-Atlantic Championship: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Big Bill w/ Big Stoke

Big Bill looks to be in phenomenal shape, just absurd. Cassidy takes a while to take off his sunglasses, but eventually does. Bill stalks Cassidy but Cassidy rolls to the outside and invites Bill to follow. Bill does, but Cassidy rolls back inside and re-invites Bill back in the ring… before retreating again to the outside. Cat and mouse, if you will. Stokely and Cassidy get into it on the outside but both wrestlers finally get back in the ring. Cassidy evades Bill for a bit until Bill catches him with a huge sidewalk slam. Avalanche in the corner by Bill followed by a big hammer throw across the ring. Bill launches Cassidy into the opposite corner but Cassidy makes it to the apron… before eating a huge big boot that sends him crashing to the floor. Bill beats down Cassidy on the outside as Stokely looks on. Stokely and Bill set up a table on the outside, but Cassidy fights off Bill’s initial attempt. Bill catches Cassidy’s Orange Punch and absolutely plants him through the table on the outside. Cassidy looks to be in trouble as the ringside doctors tend to him… but we’ve still got the ten-count, no? Referee finally applies the count after the doctor steps in, but Bill grabs Cassidy and brings him back in the ring. No cover by Bill, who instead decides to throw Cassidy back outside. Danhausen has had enough of the chicanery and threatens Stokely and Bill with… THE CURSE. Insanely large delayed vertical suplex by Bill. Cassidy seems to be out on his feet and finds himself in a full nelson. Cassidy is still alive, however, and Bill looks for the big boot but Cassidy just takes a seat in the center of the ring. Twice. Now Cassidy rolls to the outside with Danhausen. Danhausen looks to curse Stokely but Bill grabs him and Stokely hits him with the cast. Suicide dive by Cassidy, make that two! Cassidy with an Orange Punch to the knee of Bill followed by a shotgun dropkick that sends Bill into the steps. Back in the ring and it’s Stundog Millionaire! Satellite DDT by Cassidy! Orange Punch! Orange Punch #2! Cassidy heads up to the top and comes off the top with a sky high Orange Punch that gets the win!

Winner and STILL AEW All-Atlantic Champion: Orange Cassidy

Rating: **3/4. I had a lot of fun watching this match. Cassidy is becoming one of the best in-ring storytellers in AEW, and Big Bill looked great here. I’m a Big Bill guy, now.

A video is shown of Moxley after Dynamite a few weeks ago, bloody, beaten, and in a stairwell. Moxley says he never got the credit he deserved for beating Hangman, but there’s only room for one animal in AEW. Good stuff here.

The Elite are here! The lights went out just as the song hit, and the House of Black are here! Lights go back off, and as they come back on, the House of Black are holding the AEW World Trios Titles.

Match #2. Face of the Revolution Ladder Match

This won’t be easy. Kingston throws a ladder at Ortiz as Kommander hits a suicide dive on AR Fox. Corkscrew brainbuster by Fox to Kommander in the ring. Ortiz and Kingston fight to the back as Guevara and Andretti battle over a ladder. Kommander walks the ropes and dropkicks a ladder into the face of Andretti. Hobbs just destroys Kommander with a body block and the ENTIRE arena is behind Hobbs, who is from San Francisco. Hobbs launches Kommander into the ladder and beils AR Fox onto a ladder in the other corner. Hobbs hits a running powerslam on Andretti in the corner… on a ladder. Guevara comes in the ring and shakes his head no.. .and backs out of the ring. Takeshita and Hobbs now trade stereo clotheslines in the center of the ring before Takeshita sidesteps a splash and Hobbs hits the ladder. German suplex by Takeshita to Hobbs as Guevara now hits the rising knee strike. Superkick by Andretti. Running shooting star to the outside by Andretti followed by the imploding senton by Fox. Kommaner is on the FAR TURNBUCKLE AND WALKS ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE RING FROM THE TOP ROPE BEFORE HITTING A TWISTING PLANCHA. GIF IT. GOOGLE IT. We head to break as Andretti and Guevara battle over a ladder in the center of the ring, taking each other out, leaving Kommander alone to climb the ladder. Hobbs looks to superplex Kommander to the outside but Fox hits Hobbs with the chair. Hobbs then tosses Fox on the ladder with a Death Valley Driver before getting taken out by Takeshita. Guevara is alone by himself in the middle of the ring but Andretti walks a ladder tightrope and FALCON ARROWS GUEVARA OFF THE LADDER DRAPED ACROSS THE ROPES. KOMMANDER WALKS THE ROPES AND HITS A SPRINGBOARD SHOOTING STAR PRESS TO AR FOX WHO’S DRAPED ACROSS A LADDER FROM THE RING ROPE TO THE LADDER ON THE OUTSIDE. I CAN’T STOP YELLING. Kommander is back in the ring and walks the ladder, but Takeshita is here. BLUE THUNDER BOMB BY TAKESHITA OFF THE LADDER. TAKESHITA CLIMBS TO THE TOP but Andretti springboards and both men are fighting at the top, right by the ring. Daniel Garcia hits the ring and knocks the ladder over, before setting a ladder up for Guevara on the outside. Garcia lays Andretti on a ladder on the outside like a table, as Guevara hits a senton off the top of the ladder on the outside! Guevara climbs up to the top but Takeshita flips the ladder and hits a Power Drive Knee! Takeshita climbs to the top but Hobbs trucks him and then ladder, destroying the ladder in the process! Hobbs climbs up to the top and retrieves the ring! Hobbs vs. Joe for the AEW TNT Title next week!

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

Rating: ****1/4. I don’t even know what to call this. There was like five different spots where I physically gasped and got up from my chair. If you like car crashes… this is for you. Just absolute insanity from bell to bell and each guy tried to one up the other.

The Best Friends are not medically cleared for tonight’s Casino Battle Royal, so Danhausen and Orange Cassidy will be taking their place?

Match #3. Chris Jericho vs. Peter Avalon

Avalon with the quick double leg and some ground and pound. Jericho retreats to the outside and Avalon follows with a suicide dive. Avalon lays some chops in on the outside and whips Jericho into the steel steps. Pump kick by Avalon in the ring gets a two count. Springboard cross body by Avalon gets another two count. Swinging DDT off the second rope by Avalon gets another two count! Code Breaker by Jericho out of nowhere gets the win!

Winner: Chris Jericho

Rating: *3/4. Jericho gave Avalon a ton in this match and it was nice to see a day one AEW guy get some TV time. Avalon looks much different now and showed his mean streak, but Jericho showed he’s able to end the match at any time. Fine stuff.

Jericho has Floyd and cracks Avalon in the face, before beating him down but here’s Ricky Starks! Starks makes the save to chants of “Ricky!” Jericho grabs the mic and tells Starks that he’s going to beat him by himself on Sunday, but tonight, the JAS is here. Garcia and Hager jump Starks from behind as Hager hits a power double leg. Rock Bottom by Garcia. Judas Effect by Jericho and Starks is down.

Hangman says this Sunday, he will take Moxley’s spot at the top of the food chain. There are two ways out of a Texas Death Match, you either live, or you die, and Page ain’t done living yet.

Renee is here with Christian. Christian says he wants to win a singles title in 2023, before Jungle Boy does. Christian showed Jungle Boy how a real man conducts business when he left him in a pool of his own blood and piss. Christian’s problem with this generation is that they treat this business like a video game, and Jungle Boy is a dime a dozen. Christian treats the business like an ATM, and he’s not done milking the machine dry yet. Christian challenges Jungle Boy to a fight on Sunday. Just like Jungle Boy’s father, Jungle Boy is a no-talent hack that’s gotten by on good looks only.


Jungle Boy is digging a grave somewhere, while crying. The tombstone reads Christian Cage. “Jack is gonna kill you” chants ring out through the arena.

Match #4. FTW Championship: Hook (c) vs. Matt Hardy w/ Ethan Page and Big Stoke

Hardy with some stuff right hands and Hook looks rattled. Hardy tries to play to the crowd as Hook locks in a kneebar, forcing Hardy to get to the ropes. Both men head to the outside as Ethan Page shoves Hook shoulder-first into the ring post. Back in the ring, neckbreaker by Hardy. Hardy tries to delete Hook into the turnbuckle but Hook hits the switch and catches Hardy with a t-bone suplex. Two count. Clothesline by Hook. Hardy blocks a Northern Lights and posts Hook, before hitting the Side Effect. Two count. Hardy looks for another Side Effect but Hook counters and both men hit heads. Stokely takes the cast off as Page hits him in the face with it behind the referee’s back. Long two count. Twist of Fate by Hardy but Hook counters with the RedRum and Hardy taps immediately.

Winner and STILL AEW Champion: Hook

Rating: *1/2. A little bit all over the place here, and The Firm’s losing streak is getting a little old.

Match #5. Toni Storm w/ Saraya vs. Riho

Storm attacks Riho before the bell before putting the boots to her. Riho back to her feet and connects with a snap suplex. Riho cartwheels through a clothesline and hits a running dropkick followed by a double stomp. Saraya distracts Riho, allowing Storm to hit a big running hip attack on the apron that sends Riho to the floor. Saraya lands a running knee on the outside, causing Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker to come down to ringside. Storm in control throughout the break but Riho with a headscissors. Storm evades a 619 and Riho moves out of the way of the running hip attack. Diving cross body by Riho to the outside! Diving foot stomp by Riho back in the ring. Northern Light’s suplex by Riho, with a bridge, gets two. Riho gets caught going up top but flips out of a powerbomb attempt. Running shotgun dropkick by Storm and the big hip attack in the corner! Two count. Cloverleaf by Storm but Britt gets on the apron and causes the distraction. Riho with the roll-up from behind gets the three!

Winner: Riho

Rating: **1/4. There was a lot more meat on the bone here, but the extra-long commercial break wasn’t helping. Nice build to the PPV, but let’s give these women about… 10 more minutes?

Everything breaks down after the match as Britt and Storm fight on the outside, as Hayter and Saraya take center stage. Ruby Soho is here and it’s a full on pull apart.

Keith Lee is here with Dustin Rhodes, who are now Naturally Limitless.

Match 6: Tag Team Casino Battle Royale

Dark Order is out first but they’re jumped by the “new attitude” BCC team of Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli. The fighting takes place at ringside as it seems like everyone finally gets in the ring during the PIP. The next team out is Rush and Preston Vance, and I think I’m confused as to the rules of the tag team Casino Battle Royal. It seems like a new team will enter every x-seconds, so I will keep an eye out for the timing. Next up are the Lucha Brothers… that happened fast. Fenix takes out everyone with a springboard cross body. Castagnoli and Fenix are fighting on the apron as Dark Order and Yuta team up on Vance. Military press by Castagnoli to Fenix, who hook the ropes just barely. Rush and Penta are fighting for control as Aussie Open is here! WHOOO. Superkick by Fenix to a seated Reynolds. Silver with a European uppercut to Castanogli, but Yuta makes the save. Still nobody eliminated, by the way. Rolling elbow/enziguiri/stunner/German suplex combo by Dark Order but Castagnoli makes the save. BCC eliminate Dark Order from behind as both Silver and Reynolds are gone. Next out are Menard and Parker of the JAS. Top Flight is neck. Double team enziguiri and bottom rope assisted flatliner from Top Flight to Castagnoli. Assisted running dropkick to Menard by Top Flight who gets eliminated. THY KINGDOM COME. Ya love to see it. Mike Bennett wearing the Jay Briscoe memorial shirt is a great touch. The Kingdom take it to Top Flight early. Death Valley Driver by Bennett to Martin. JUST THE TIP by Taven. Penta ain’t scared of The Kingdom, but Aussie Open hit a pair of half and half suplexes on Taven and Bennett from behind. Nese and Josh Woods appear from the crowd and put the boots to the Lucha Brothers on the outside. Overhead belly to belly by Woods to Fenix on the floor and Penta gets DDT’d. Rush throws Penta out as Top Flight focus on LFI. Vance charges Top Flight but gets low bridged and he’s gone. Rush looks for the Bull’s Horns on the apron but Darius catches him with a dropkick and both members of LFI are gone. Aussie Open and Top Flight pair up now, as Dante forces Fletcher to kick his partner Davis. Darius tries a double jump something, but Davis showed him off and Fletcher dumps Dante! Top Flight is gone. Cassidy and Danhausen are out next as Danhausen curses Parker and Cassidy throws him out. Butcher and Blade are out next. The Kingdom and Aussie Open are fighting on the apron as Aussie Open duck a double superkick and The Kingdom take out Maria! Butcher and Blade now toss Aussie Open out. Dark Order are out to distract the BCC and it works, as Cassidy and Danhausen throw both Yuta and Castagnoli to the floor! Drag the Lake on Danhausen! Stunner and a lariat combo on Orange Cassidy, but he holds on to the bottom rope. Danhausen is in from behind and he dumps both Butcher and Blade!

Winners: Danhausen and Orange Cassidy

Rating: **1/4. This one was all over the place. It’s a little difficult to do two tag team battle royals back-to-back weeks, especially with nearly the same roster. That said, it started off as a cluster and it ended with some entertainment, and the crowd was happy.

Jarrett and Lethal are here and they jump Cassidy and Danhausen from behind. Stroke to Cassidy, but The Acclaimed are here to make the save.

Renee is in the ring and welcomes Bryan Danielson. Danielson reminds us he was forced to retire two years ago, and before he can go any further… here’s MJF.

Danielson cuts MJF off. Danielson is tired of MJF hating for all the aforementioned reasons. Danielson says MJF has done nothing to earn the things Danielson has and has done nothing to fight for them. Danielson says if there is one thing that MJF does deserve, it’s his fiancée leaving him. Woof. MJF was born with a silver spoon and Danielson has been fighting his entire life. Danielson left a job that would have paid him for life because he wanted to FIGHT. Speaking of fighting for his dreams, Danielson’s new dream is to become AEW world champion. This Sunday, MJF better be ready to fight with everything he has for sixty minutes, and if he doesn’t, he’s going to get his f’ing head kicked in. WHOOOOOOO.

Final Thoughts: This show is the definition of a mixed bag. I found the matches themselves, outside of the insane ladder match, to be underwhelming. However, I feel like this show went by super-fast and I blinked and it was 9:45. Make sure to go out of your way to see the ladder match, before I go any further. I’m also fairly certain we’ll see a “Kommander is All Elite” graphic pretty soon. As far as the rest of the show, while the matches were what they were, the storylines were built very well heading into Sunday night. Danielson closed the show with a bang with one of my favorite Danielson promos of all time, and Moxley/Page continued to sell the importance of their rivalry. The AEW women’s division also took a step forward. The card for Sunday looks darn good, and that’s my biggest takeaway from tonight’s Dynamite. 6.75/10.

AEW Dynamite Results 3/1/23 Wrestling Headlines.

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