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AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam 2022 Results


It’s arguably the biggest Dynamite… EVER! This is the true battle of the belts tonight, so let’s see what’s on tap:

  • AEW All Atlantic Title: Pac (c) vs. Orange Cassidy
  • AEW Interim World Women’s Title Fatal Four Way: Toni Storm (c) vs. Serena Deeb vs. Athena vs. Dr. Britt Baker DMD
  • AEW World Tag Team Title: Swerve in Our Glory (c) vs. The Acclaimed
  • ROH World Heavyweight Title: Claudio Castagnoli (c) vs. Chris Jericho
  • AEW Grand Slam Tournament of Champions Final: Jon Moxley vs. Bryan Danielson

Make sure to keep refreshing the page as the most recent results are below!

AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam

Welcome to Queens, NY! Taz, Tony Schiavone, Ian Riccaboni, and Excalibur are on the call, which can only mean one thing…

Match #1. ROH World Heavyweight Title: Claudio Castagnoli (c) vs. Chris Jericho

The crowd serenades Jericho to the ring and they are hot tonight. Claudio extends the hand for the Code of Honor and Jericho shockingly obliges… and then slaps him! Claudio responds with a flurry of European uppercuts. Claudio picks Jericho up in a military press only to drop him crotch-first on the top rope and big boot him to the floor. Claudio follows up with some running uppercuts on the outside before bouncing Jericho’s head off the apron. Jericho then hides behind Cary Silkin and lands a cheap shot on Claudio, before tossing him to the ground. Back in the ring, Jericho comes off the top but Claudio meets him with another European that gets a one count. Trading chops in the center of the ring before Jericho drops Claudio with a double sledge to the throat. Claudio rolls to the apron and Jericho attempts the double jump dropkick but Claudio catches him with another uppercut. Claudio looks for a suplex on the apron now but Jericho pokes him in the eye. Suplex off the apron to the floor by Jericho as both men land hard! Both men barely make it back in the ring before the twenty count. Jericho sidesteps a charging Claudio and delivers some boots to the face in the corner before slingshotting Claudio neck-first under the bottom rope. Claudio is able to get the boots up to stop Jericho coming in before skinning the cat to the top rope. Jericho chops Claudio’s feet out and looks for the Frankensteiner off the top rope but Claudio reverses into a powerbomb, which Jericho reverses into the Frankensteiner! One, two, no! Jericho attempts a Code Breaker but Claudio holds him in mid-air and pops him up into a European uppercut! Hammer and Anvil elbows by Claudio and we’re going swinging! Jericho blocks it but Claudio comes down with a double stomp and locks in a Sharpshooter! Jericho scratches and claws to get to the bottom rope and he does. Claudio blocks a low blow and answers with the Ricola Bomb! Two count! Double jump European uppercut by Claudio but Jericho counters with a Code Breaker! Two count. Walls of Jericho is locked in! Claudio rolls through and now reverses… Big Swing! That was ten rotations. Maybe more. Discus lariat by Claudio gets another long two count. Jericho grabs Floyd but Cesaro blocks it. Aubrey removes Floyd but Jericho low blows Claudio. Judas Effect! One, two, three! The Ocho!

Winner and NEW ROH World Champion: Chris Jericho

Rating: ***. This was a slightly above average match made even better by a hot crowd. I was expecting more on paper, but the thread was there, and I think the Jericho anti-honor vs. ROH story has a lot to it.

Match #2. AEW World Tag Team Championship: Swerve in Our Glory (c) vs. The Acclaimed

Caster burying Cuomo… tremendous. Crowd is LIVE for The Acclaimed. Bowens and Lee start and Bowens gets tossed like a sack of potatoes. Step up hurricanrana by Keith Lee and Bowens tags out quickly. Caster in now and Lee backs him up, but does give him a clean break. Arm drag by Caster is blocked but Lee attempts a biel which Caster DOES counter into an arm drag. Bowens back in and it’s scissor time but Swerve dropkicks both of them to the outside. Quick tags by Lee and Swerve keeping Caster in their corner. Swerve jaws with Daddy Ass and Lee corrals him. Caster fights out of the corner and hits a powerslam on Swerveand a thrust kick to lee. Veritcal suplex to Keith Lee! Hot tag to Bowens who cleans house. Super kick to Lee but Swerve kicks Bowens’ leg out and hits the diving back kick. Spirit Bomb attempt by Lee but Bowens fights out and hits a hurricanrana on Lee! Swerve stomp misses and Bowens answers with a one-armed buckle bomb! Headbutt by Lee drops Bowens. Lee biels Bowens from the ring on to the ramp way and then powerbombs Caster! Lee is heading up top for a moonsault and misses! Caster gets out of the way! Swerve has the boombox and lays out Keith Lee by accident! SCISSOR ME! Flying blockbuster by Bowens and Caster is looking for the Mic Drop but his knee buckled and he came down awkwardly. Bowens rolls over for the cover but only gets two. Caster gets tagged in and hits a drop step to a back suplex on Swerve. Caster is favoring that knee and Swerve catches him going back up top. Swerve has Castor on his shoulders on the middle rope and tries to throw him off into a pounce by Keith Lee but there was a hitch in the giddy up there. Lee then picks up Caster and tosses him into a powerbomb by Swerve for a two count that brings the crowd to their feet. “Oh, scissor me, Daddy” from the crowd. 450 to the outside by Swerve takes out Caster and Bowens but Gunn and Swerve sqaure up. Lee pulls Swerve away for the second time and behind the referees back it’s a rolling elbow by Caster and a FameAsser by Daddy Ass! Swerve gets rolled in the ring and Caster dropkicks Keith Lee off the apron… The Arrival by Bowens! Mic Drop by Max Caster! New champions!

Winners and NEW AEW World Heavyweight Champions: The Acclaimed

Rating: ***. Despite a couple of awkward spots, another fun match here. The crowd was 100% behind The Acclaimed and was waiting for the title change. Definitely not up to the standard set at All Out, but that’s tough to beat.

Swerve in Our Glory are still in the ring as The Acclaimed are celebrating and they look devastated.

Lexy Nair is here with FTR and here come the Ass Boys. The Ass Boys then pretty much destroy FTR in the promo and leave. Interesting.

Tony Schiavone is here with Wheeler Yuta but before he could get a word in… The Devil has arrived!

Enter MJF!

Since everyone worships the ground that MJF walks on, that makes them all his little devil worshippers. MJF calls Schiavone a fat, old, prick. MJF says Wheels is confused because he’s never seen a reaction like that, because MJF is a God to these people. MJF says all the men in the arena would let MJF sleep with their wives but he has standards.

Yuta says MJF is a generational talent, but he’s also a man with more catchphrases than friends and the king of the low hanging fruit in AEW. Yuta says MJF’s fiancée is going to leave him eventually because he’s a spineless, gutless, worthless, piece of human garbage.

MJF says Yuta is part of the Blackpool Cuckold Club and that’s funny. MJF says Danielson and Moxley are both fighting to lose the title to MJF. MJF says Yuta can get advice from Danielson on how to turn his brain into mush and advice from Regal on how to pop pills. Yuta slaps MJF which prompts MJF to headbutt Yuta and toss Schiavone to the ground. Yuta double legs MJF but William Morrissey is here and MJF cracks Yuta with the Dynamite Diamond Ring!

Match #3. AEW All-Atlantic Championship: Pac (c) vs. Orange Cassidy

Hands in the pockets to start but Cassidy throws his glasses at Pac! Roll up by Cassidy for two. Cradle by Cassidy for two. Orange Punch attempt but Pac ducks to the outside. Pac is heated and Cassidy lets him in the house. ORANGE KICKS. PAC SAYS BRING IT! Shotgun dropkick by Cassidy but Pac pops up and hits a shotgun dropkick of his own. Big stomps to Cassidy in the corner. Pac tosses Cassidy to the outside and bounces his head off the apron a few times before throwing him head-first into the ring post. Pac looks for the Black Arrow early, but Cassidy slowly rolls to the outside and Pac follows with a corkscrew plancha. Cassidy on the inside now and Pac comes off the top with a shotgun dropkick. Pac putting the boots to Cassidy now and mocking him along the way. Cassidy gives Pac a thumbs up and Pac responds by strangling him in the corner. Pump kick in the corner by Pac. Pac goes up top and Cassidy rolls away yet again. Pac grabs a hold of Cassidy’s jeans and hits a snap German suplex. Pac goes up top again but Cassidy lays on the mat with both feet up in the air, which causes Pac to drop down. Roll up by Cassidy out of nowhere gets a two count. Pac stops a DDT attempt and looks for the brainbuster cut Cassidy counters… Stundog Millionaire! Tope suicida to the outside. Diving DDT off the top rope to Pac on the inside! Around the world DDT! One, two, no! Orange removes the sleeve… Orange Punch is countered into a Northern Lights suplex. Brutalizer attempt by Pac but Cassidy rolls through into another cradle that gets two. Orange Punch! One, two NO! Pac is able to grab the rope at the very last second. Pac rolls to the outside and grabs the hammer from the ring bell. Cassidy follows Pac to the outside and behind the referees back, hits Cassidy with the hammer. Pac rolls Cassidy in for the cover and that’ll to it.

Winner and STILL AEW All-Atlantic Champion: Pac

Rating: **3/4. Very strange match. The first 5-7 minutes felt like it was all comedy and then PIP before a fun stretch in the middle, before the flat finish. Two fugazi finishes in three matches is unlike AEW, and I’m not sure why they felt it necessary tonight.

Match #4. Fatal Four-Way for the AEW Interim World Women’s Championship: Toni Storm (c) vs. Dr. Britt Baker DMD vs. Athena vs. Serena Deeb

Big boot to Deeb by Athena and a tieres to Strom early. Back slide by Athena gets two. Deeb trips both women as their arms are locks, rolls them upside down, and covers both for a two count. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that one before. Drop toe hold by Deeb to Storm as she locks in an Indian Death Lock and suplexes Storm! Baker with a roll up for two. Roling elbow to Athena by Baker and a Slingblade to Deeb. Storm attacks Britt now as both women trade attempts until Storm hits a shotgun dropkick and a half and half throw. Storm goes up top but Deeb catches her. Double suplerplex attempt by Deeb and Baker to Storm but here’s Athena. TOWER OF DOOOOOOOOM and all four women are down as we go into PIP. Handspring flying elbow to Storm by Athena. Super kick to Athena by Baker. Deeb lays into Storm in the corner with chops as Baker throws Athena into a Rebel clothesline. Deeb slingshots Storm throat-first underneath the bottom rope for two. Baker and Deeb working well as a team here. Deeb locks in the single leg crab on Athena as Storm does to Baker. Deeb and Storm are face to face here and trading slaps while holding the submissions. Deeb and Storm let go of their respective submissions as Storm hits a German suplex on Deeb. Running hip attack to Athena in the corner. Baker nails Storm with the Fisherman’s Swinging Neckbreaker. Baker looks for the curb stomp but Athena blindsides her with a shotgun dropkick. Deeb levels Athena and delivers some European uppercuts to Baker. Deeb on the apron and delivers a neckbreaker over the middle rope to Baker and a dragon screw leg whip to Athena through the ropes. Neckbreaker inside the ring to Storm by Deeb and the Serenity Lock is in! Baker superkicks Deeb and Athena picks her up in a fireman’s carry. Athena catches Deeb coming in and hits a fall away slam/Samoan drop combination. Piledriver attempt on Storm but Storm back body drops Athena who bounces back off the top ropeand lands on her feet. Dominator positon into a double knee facebuster to Storm! One, two, no! Deeb breaks it up. Baker’s nose is busted open from that Samoan drop landing. Athena tosses Deeb to the outside as Storm hits the tornado DDT! Baker rolls up Storm from behind who counters it nicely into a pinning combination of her own that gets the win!

Winner and STILL AEW Interim Women’s World Champion: Toni Storm

Rating: ***1/4. Real fun fatal four-way match here, with Deeb looking especially strong. All four women are fantastic professional wrestlers and that was evident, coming up with some inventive new spots in a very unfogiving type of match.

Post-match, a bloodied-up Britt Baker attacks Toni Storm. Jamie Hayter is here to make the save for Storm but wait.. Hayter levels Storm. Baker, Deeb, and Hayter are giving the group beat down here and wait… here’s someone’s music.


Match #5. Grand Slam Tournament of Champions Final for the AEW World Heavyweight Title: Jon Moxley vs. Bryan Danielson

Lord Regal has joined commentary and details how important this match is tonight. BIG. FIGHT. FEEL. MJF is sitting in the upper deck with his Casino Chip as we prepare to get started here. 60-minute time limit but Tony Schiavone tells us that we’re staying with the match as long as it tapes. Ankle pick by Danielson and a leg lace with some vicious crossfaces. Moxley with a keylock from the bottom as both men break. Danielson starts laying in to Moxley with some kicks and chops in the corner. Running dropkick to the face by Danielson who then gets in Moxley’s face and antagonizes him. Moxley fires back with some elbows but Danielson comes back with another running dropkick in the corner. HEAVY CHOPS by Danielson. Wow Danielson just chopped Moxley so hard he actually busted a speaker. Kitchen sink by Danielson. A third running dropkick in the corner by Danielson is evaded by Moxley who responds with toe kicks to the spine. Both men trading European uppercuts now as Danielson brings Moxley back to the corner and absolutely tears him apart with strikes. Danielson sits Moxley on the top rope and then dropkicks him off to the outside. Running knee off the apron to Moxley. Danielson throws Moxley back in the ring and comes off the top with a shotgun dropkick. German suplex by Danielson to Moxley on the apron! This is all Danielson so far. Danielson hammerlocks Moxley’s arm and then throws him into the ring post. Back in the ring now as Danieson has a top wrist lock and then stomps on the arm of Moxley. Two times. Arm ringer by Danielson takes Moxley to the mat. Surfboard by Danielson but instead double stomps the knees. Moxley tries to fight out of Danielson’s wrist control and does so, but Danielson rebounds with the Psycho Knee! Two count. Front chancery suplex by Danielson. Danielson comes off the top rope but Moxley blocks the dropkick and sits out into a sort of powerbomb. Single leg crab by Moxley to Danielson’s knee that he injured last week in his match with Jericho. Leg trap German suplex by Moxley. Corner lariat by Moxley as he sits Danielson on the top rope. Brutal back rake by Moxley followed by some headbutts. Superplex off the top by Moxley but Danielson escapes and Moxley gets crotched. Back suplex off the top by Danielson! MJF is cheering on in a split-screen. Danielson covers Moxley for two but Moxley locks in the Labell Lock! Danielson shifts his hips and he’s in full guard. Ground and pound by Danielson now with some heavy elbows. Both men’s legs are interlocked and they’re upside-down delivering palm strikes. Cattle Mutilation by Danielson but Moxley gets out. Hammer and Anvil elbows by Danielson and a rolling elbow! High kick by Danielson! King Kong Lariat by Moxley! Psycho Knee by Danielson! Two count! Moxley to his knees but Danielson is on his feet delivering some heavy kicks. Moxley chops down the leg of Danielson and stomps the achilles of the injured ankle. Curb stomp! Death Rider! One, two, no! MJF looks thrilled at what’s happening, by the way. Greco Roman knuckle lock but both men are striking from the position. Wrist capture by Danielson and stomping the head of Moxley! 50/50 position now but Moxley with some heavy upkicks. Stomps by Danielson and Danielson pulls him into the triangle choke! Danielson transitions to the Labell Lock! Moxley fighting hard to get to the ropes and barely makes it. Moxley rolls to the ramp as Danielson comes off the top with a knee to the elbow. Death Rider on the stage by Moxley! Danielson rolls from the stage into the ring as the ramp is on a slant! Two count! Rear naked choke by Moxley is in! Danielson has two on one defense here and walks up the ropes but Moxley rolls through! Moxley has the choke in deep! DANIELSON IS OUT! DANIELSON IS OUT! MOXLEY IS YOUR CHAMPION!

Winner of the Grand Slam Tournament of Champions and NEW AEW World Heavyweight Champion: Jon Moxley

Rating: ****1/4. Hard hitting, brutal, professional wrestling match. Surprising outcome here with everything we knew of Moxley before the All Out fiasco, and I think everyone pegged Danielson as the new champion. Swerve city, and that’s okay. Danielson controlled 80% of the match and Moxley capitalized on one mistake at the end, and that’s all it takes sometimes.

Final Thoughts: Without a doubt, this entire show felt like a PPV. Five matches, five title matches, three champions crowned, and the debut of Saraya all in 120 minutes. There’s not much more that you can ask for, as this show kept my attention every step of the way. While some of the matches felt a little short of expectations, sometimes it’s more about the moments than the matches, and that was the case tonight. Rampage should be a heck of a lot of fun. 8.5/10. 

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