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AEW Dynamite 6/22/22 Results


With the AEWxNJPW Forbidden Door PPV just a few days away, Dynamite should answer a lot of questions tonight. Let’s see what we’ve got on tap:

  • Toni Storm vs. Marina Shafir
  • Chris Jericho & Lance Archer vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi & Jon Moxley
  • Trios Match: Roppongi Vice & Orange Cassidy vs. The United Empire
  • Hangman Page vs. Silas Young
  • AEW All-Atlantic Title Qualifying Match: Penta Oscuro vs. Malakai Black

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AEW Dynamite 6/22/2022 Results

Live from the UWM Panther Arena in Madison, Wisconsin! We’re starting out with Tony Schiavone, who’s going to be joined by Bryan Danielson momentarily to address his future. I’m nervous, and I think we all are. Danielson takes the mic and says he’s not giving it back. This week is a great week to be an AEW fan. To be a pro wrestling fan. Sunday is Forbidden Door, and it’s an inter-promotional PPV with the two best wrestling companies in the world. A few days later, we’ve got Blood & Guts. Danielson says he was expecting to be a part of both of these events, and Chris Jericho paid the best technical wrestler in the world, Zack Sabre Jr., to take on Danielson. Danielson was excited to prove them all wrong.

There’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news is, Danielson is not cleared to compete at Forbidden Door or Blood & Guts. Don’t worry about Danielson coming back, there’s not a man in this world that can do what he does and he will be back. That’s not even the good news. Kingston has said that Danielson is a judgmental prick. Damn right he is. He’s got high standards. Danielson says he’s found the one person he trusts to take his place at Forbidden Door. The one person he trusts to take his place at Blood & Guts.


Don’t you guys know that Danielson came out of the bad guy tunnel? He’s not telling us! Tune in at Forbidden Door.


Jon Moxley respects Tanahashi until the bell rings. This Sunday is probably the biggest match of his career.

Match #1. Trios Match: Orange Cassidy & Roppongi Vice vs. The United Empire

Fletcher and Rocky start. Rocky goes low with a spinning back kick and a tag to Trent. Double rising knee followed by a clothesline. Davis is now and a German suplex by Trent. OC gets the tag, and the crowd is chanting “Freshly Squeezed”! Hands in the pockets. Forever clotheslines by Rocky! Big back body drop to Ospreay by Trent. OC and Rocky attempt suicide dives but both get caught and crushed together. Triple powerbomb/back body drop on the apron combo by the United Empire as we head to PIP. Ospreay and Trent are now legal. Huge spinning back breaker by Ospreay and a tag to Fletcher. Single leg Boston crab by Fletcher as Trent barely makes his way to the ropes. Fletcher charges but Trent ducks under and hits a high angle half and half suplex! Hot tag to OC who taps Aussie Open a few times before hitting a double DDT on both men. Assisted head scissors to Davis and a tornado DDT to Fletcher! OC now invites Ospreay into the ring but Rocky catches him with a hurricanrana and the United Empire bail to the outside. Triple plancha by the good guys! Ospreay gets draped over the top rope as Rocky comes off with a dropkick from the top! Sliding knee by Trent and the Orange Drop by OC gets a two count. OC looks for the Orange Punch but Ospreay counters with a chop. Step up enziguir by Ospreay but OC hits the StunDog Millionaire! “Holy S” chant erupts from the arena. Both men tag as Rocky and Davis are in. Davis drops Rocky with a hard chop. Fletcher in now and a big running elbow/knee combo by Aussie Open. Davis picks up Rocky in a butterfly suplex but Fletcher steps underneath and catches him in a sit out powerbomb! One, two, no! Sliced bread by Rocky to Fletcher. Cross body by OC to Davis. Flying forearm by Ospreay to OC. Lariat by Trent to Ospreay. Super kick to Trent by Fletcher. Double knees by RPG Vice to Fletcher. Strong Zero attempt by Roppongi Vice but Ospreay hits a high kick to Trent that turns it into a Code Red by Fletcher! Davis grabs Trent by the feet and turns into a spike piledriver! Ospreay attempts a Sasuke Special but OC leans away and Rocky hits a diving cross body to the floor! Fidget Spinner attempt by Aussie Open but Trent counters into a spinning DDT on Davis. Tag to OC! Orange Punch! That’ll do it.

Winners: Roppongi Vice & Orange Cassidy

Rating: ***3/4. Absolute madness and just a huge pain to follow along with, but a hell of a lot of fun. Everyone in this match is great and played their part perfectly, and Ospreay getting the win here was super important.

GOK and Jeff Cobb hit the ring but FTR is here to make the save! Crowd goes bananas.

Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh, and Sonjay Dutt remind us that Samoa Joe hasn’t defended his ROH TV title in quite some time, and time is running out. Time to get back to work, Joe.

Tony Schiavone, who is like 2022’s version of Jimmy Hart wearing so many different hats, is now being joined by Christian Cage. Cage starts by burying Milwaukee. Cage lets us know that the reason he hated Jungle Boy from the beginning is because he eliminated him from the Casino Battle Royal, thus causing him to miss out on a ton of money. The entire arena in now chanting “S T F U” and this couldn’t be going any better for Christian. Christian says social media is a cesspool but he wanted to do some research on Jungle Boy so he hopped on to take a look. The fans that are on social media that have opinions on Christian’s career, what he should be doing, who he should align himself with, etc. have no idea what they’re talking about and their opinions mean nothing to him. He doesn’t come to the drive-thru and tell you how to do your job. Christian said he hitched that wagon to Jurassic Express, he doesn’t care about helping out younger talent, he came to AEW to make money. People complain about not making enough money, try having the type of match that changes the industry. The type of match they name PPVs after. “Until then, eat my crumbs and enjoy it.” Boooooom. The final nail in the coffin was the one time Christian didn’t come down to ringside, they lost the title. Now Christian has to do it himself.

We see the video of Christian and Jungle Boy’s mom talking rom last week. “I was giving Jungle Boy’s mom the change to apologize to me for birthing him.” Christian says he thinks she wanted to be Jungle Boy’s father. Jungle Boy has a father, but he’s dead. It’s a good thing that Jungle Boy’s dad is dead, because he’d be disappointed at how he turned out. Out comes Luchasaurus who grabs Christian by the throat. Christian says to remember what happened to Marko! Christian wants to talk to Luchasaurus in the back, and not in front of these people. Both men head to the back.

The Young Bucks are here with Kyle O’Reilly. Kyle announces that the Young Bucks will be teaming with the Hikuleo and El Phantasmo to take on Sting and crew at Forbidden Door.

Match #2. AEW All-Atlantic Title Qualifier: Penta Oscuro vs. Malakai Black

Are there two cooler entrances in pro wrestling? I don’t think so. Black misses Black Mass early and Penta hits a super kick. Spinning back elbow by Black but Penta hits a tope over the top to the outside! Fast and furious start but Penta seems to have tweaked his back on that landing. Inside the ring Penta ducks a charging Black and hits a back stabber for a two count. Sling blade by Penta! Black retreats to the outside and kicks Penta’s legs out from underneath him as he lands hard on the apron. Penta gets thrown back first into the guard rail. Round house kicks by Black back inside the ring but Penta responds with an overhead belly to belly into the turnbuckle. Penta ducks a Black moonsault from the middle rope and hits a springboard sling blade for two! Both men on the apron as Penta is looking for the package piledriver but Black counters with a roundhouse to the head! Black hits the ropes but Penta rolls through the middle rope and hits a Rolling Thunder Cutter for two! HUGE rising knee by Malaki sends Penta to the outside. Moonsault from the middle buckle to the outside. Double stomp by Black off the top rope gets a long two! Black goes back up top but a high kick by Penta stops him in his tracks. Penta heads up top and hits a Fear Factor from the top! WOW. Penta’s back is still hurting and he’s not able to make the cover! Penta finally gets there but Black gets his foot on the rope at two! Penta can’t get Black up for the Made in Japan, Black takes advantage and hits the Black Mass to the back fo the head! One, two, three!

Winner: Malakai Black

Rating: ***1/2. This was a fast and furious sprint. Penta took a risk that wound up costing him in the end, but both men looked fantastic. I’m here for the House of Black in the main event picture sometime in the next 12 months.

My God, my gold, and my gorgeous wife is all Miro wanted. Now, Miro will walk through the Forbidden Door and drag all the bastards and the Pagan’s with him. Miro will send them all to meet their God, and once they get there, let that coward know Miro wants to talk.

Match #3. Silas Young vs. Hangman Page

The Last Real Man is here in AEW and he gets quite the reaction in his hometown! Cole is on commentary and puts over Silas’ body of work. Both men are trading holds and chops to start as Silas bridges out of a pinning attempt and seems to be one step ahead. Silas goes right to the eyes but gets tossed to the outside. Silas throws Page inside but Page rebounds and hits a lariat on the outside. Page goes up top and hits the Orihara moonsault to the outside. Page lines up the Buckshot but Silas bails to the outside. Page follows and Silas drops him neck-first over the top rope. Senton by Silas gets a one count. Hard Irish whip sends Page into the buckle. Silas misses a shoulder and Page rolls him up for a two. Snap suplex by Silas gets another one count. Top rope assisted neckbreaker by Silas! Two count. Silas goes up top but Page catches him with a super plex! Both men are down. Trading forearms in the center of the ring. Fall away slam by Page followed by a kip up. Heavy clothesline in the corner by Page followed by a double jump clothes to Silas on the apron. Plancha over the top by Page. Page goes up top with a diving clothesline. The entire crowd is chanting “Let’s Go Silas” and I don’t know if anyone expected that. Uranage back breaker by Silas! Green Bay Plunge by Silas! Silas looks for the head stand corner moonsault but misses… lariat by Page! Buckshot will do it.

Winner: Hangman Page

Rating: ***. Silas sure had his working boots on here and you can tell these guys have great chemistry. They should, they’ve wrestled enough. Good win here for Hangman.

Adam Cole grabs the mic and it’s about to be story time but… here’s the Switchblade! Switchblade says he’s responsible for all of this, including making the Forbidden Door as big as it can be. Forbidden Door is not about Bullet Club and the Undisputed Elite, because Switchblade can’t wrestle Adam Cole. Cole lost to Page twice. Switchblade says everyone is waiting to see who he’s going to wrestle at Forbidden Door. Switchblade says it won’t be Hangman, as Hangman lays him out. Cole and Switchblade jump on Hangman, but Cole grabs the title and teases hitting Switchblade!


Okada, Jay White, and Adam Cole all go at it. Page is up and he pairs off with Cole as Okada tees off on Jay White. Okada and Hangman make eye contact and we have a stare down briefly.

Red Velvet is hurt, and we officially have a baddie search. In 140 characters or less use the hashtag #BaddieSearch and tweet @ Big Stoke! Keep it PG. And Tony… cut the S.

Match #4. Toni Storm vs. Marina Shafir with Nyla Rose

Shafir attacks a single leg, but Storm defends and rolls through. Shafir transitions to a straight arm bar but Storm gets the rope. Hip toss by Shafir as she looks for a scarf hold. Storm escapes and grabs a headlock. Change of direction and drop kick by Storm. Jim Ross is doing a tremendous job talking about Marina Shafir’s potential on commentary, by the way. High kick by Shafir sends Storm to the outside. Senton by Nyla Rose on the floor! Shafir shifts focus to the leg and neck as we head to PIP. Storm fights back with a big headbutt but Shafir push kicks Storm to the outside. Perfect hip toss on the outside by Shafir. Storm able to hit a tornado DDT off the steel steps to the floor! Back in the ring, Storm with a release German suplex followed by a HUGE running hip attack in the corner! Nyla tries to prevent Storm from covering Shair and does. Shafir looks for a pump handle but Storm rolls through in a jackknife covers and gets the three!

Winner: Toni Storm

Rating: **1/4. Fine match here, but the majority of it took place in picture-in-picture. Shafir feels like a work in progress but she’s getting reps with some of the best women in the world, and she’s only going to get better.

Nyla Rose attacks Storm from behind and Thunder Rosa out to make the save. Dropkick to Shafir and a high kick to Rose. Storm plants Rose with the AEW Women’s Title and holds on to it as Thunder Rosa isn’t happy.

Sting and Darby are here. Darby says he doesn’t believe Kyle O’Reilly isn’t cleared, but it doesn’t matter. Sting and Darby have aligned with HIROMU TAKAHASI AND SHINGO. WHAT. Hiromu, Shingo, Darby Allin, and Sting vs. The Young Bucks, Hikuleo, and El Phantasmo.

Match #5. Chris Jericho & Lance Archer with Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti vs. Jon Moxley & Hiroshi Tanahasi

As expected, we’re breaking down early. Tana and Archer pair off as does Mox and Jericho. Low dropkick by Tanahashi to Archer but Archer catches him with a Full Nelson slam. Jericho gets tagged in and lights up Tana with chops and punches in the corner. Tana fires back but he’s walking very gingerly. Moxley gets the tag and delivers some 12-6 elbows on Jericho. Jericho gets clotheslined over the top rope and Moxley follows him outside. Moxley throwing Jericho into everything he can on the outside. Guevara grabs Moxley’s leg which allows Jericho to hit a springboard dropkick. Jericho drops Moxley throat first on the rope before tagging Archer. Moxley runs at Archer, but Archer cuts a corner and hits a big POUNNCCEEEEE before we go to PIP. Archer holds Moxley as Conti gets some shots in on the outside. Jericho in now with a vertical suplex and a double bicep pose for good measure. Jericho looks for a Lionsault but Moxley gets the knees up. Tag to Tanahashi who clears the ring of Jericho. Cross body off the middle rope for Archer and a body slam for Jericho. Somersault senton by Tanahashi gets a two count. Tanahashi looks for the slingblade but Jericho rolls through into the Walls of Jericho! Tana rolls into a cradle for a two count. Code breaker by Jericho gets a two as Moxley breaks it up! Moxley with a tope suicida to Archer and all four men are down. Tanahashi ducks a Judas Effect attempt and hits a code breaker of his own. Tana goes up for a Hi Fly Flow but Jericho rolls with it and locks in the Walls of Jericho! Moxley comes in from out of nowhere with an Ace Crusher! Slingblade by Tana to Archer and all four men are down again. Moxley and Archer now legal as both men trade huge shots. Archer looks for the Black Out but Moxley escapes out the back… Paradigm Shift! Tag to Tanahashi.. Hi Fly Flow! One, two, three!

Winners: Jon Moxley & Hiroshi Tanahashi

Rating: **3/4. The crowd was loving this match, but it felt a little out of sorts to me. Also, as a huge fan of Tanahashi, he looked so slow in this match I couldn’t help but wonder if he’s suffering from some sort of injury. Tanahashi getting the pin going into the PPV was a smart move, however.

Post-match, Moxley and Tanahashi exchange words in the center of the ring as Eddie Kingston jumps Jericho at ringside! Wheeler Yuta is here too!


Suzuki destroys Yuta. Shota Umino comes down to help and it’s a complete Suzuki Gun beatdown. Jericho Appreciation Society is here now too! Santana and Ortiz now! It’s a complete donnybrook as Moxley and Tanahashi standalone.

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