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AEW Dynamite 10/5/22 Results


From the land of extreme, AEW has returned with a bunch of title matches and the return of Saraya! Let’s take a look at tonight’s show:

  • Daniel Garcis & Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara
  • AEW TNT Title: Wardlow (c) vs. Brian Cage
  • Rush vs. Hangman Page
  • Darby Allin vs. Jay Lethal
  • MJF vs. Wheeler Yuta
  • Toni Storm, Athena, & Willow Nightingale vs. Jamie Hayter, Serena Deeb, & Penelope Ford

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AEW Dynamite 10/5/22

Live from the Entertainment and Sports Arena in Washington, DC, it is AEW Dynamite: Anniversary! Taz, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur, and William Regal are on the call for this first match, which is starting… now!

Match #1. Wheeler Yuta vs. MJF

MJF hits the Fargo Strut early to the delight of the crowd. Arm drag by Yuta. Another one. Dropkick and an arm trap Angle Slam by Yuta. Yuta up top but Jericho rolls to the opposite side of the ring. Yuta tracks MJF but MJF pulls him face first into the middle turnbuckle and puts the boots to Yuta. Arm ringer into the buckle by MJF. Back breaker and gut wrench suplex combo by MJF gets a two count. Back body drop by MJF. Another one. Cradle by Yuta gets two. Yuta skins the cat from the bottom rope and hits a German suplex with a bridge for two. Yuta now taking MJF to suplex city. Two Germans. Three. The fourth is a release. Yuta heads up top but MJF rolls to the other side to avoid. Yuta again gets duped as MJF is able to stomp on Yuta’s elbow. Yuta attempts a hurricanrana but MJF hits the powerbomb on the knee. Two count. MJF delivers some slaps to Yuta but Yuta responds in kind with some elbows. Enziguiri by Yuta drops MJF. Heavy chops by Yuta. Sunset flip by MJF and both men trade pinning combinations for about 45 seconds. Brudge up by MJF and a tombstone attempt but MJF reverses. Yuta reverses. MJF reverses. Cradle now by MJF. By Yuta. By MJF. Two counts. Double clothesline and we’re all down. Phew. Yuta up top but MJF pulls the rope and Yuta gets crotched. MJF follows Yuta up and MJF is looking for an avalanche tombstone but Yuta reverses to a twisting hurricanrana off the top. MJF rolls to the outside and Yuta follows with a suicide dive. Yuta goes up top a fourth time and MJF rolls away again but Yuta takes flight about 3/4 across the ring as MJF flips him off and finally nails the splash. Two count! “This is awesome” says the crowd. Hammer and anvil elbows to MJF and Yuta looks for the seatbelt but MJF reverses into the Salt of the Earth. Yuta almost gets to the rope but MJF flips over Yuta and kept his body on the back and Yuta is forced to tap!

Winner: MJF

Rating: ***1/2. Straight forward professional wrestling match here, with MJF getting the convincing win. I think it goes without saying, but these are two of the wrestlers in the company that you can build around for the next 10 years. MJF looks like he got himself in even better shape as well.

Post-match, Yuta grabs MJF and extends his hand in respect as Lee Moriarty drops Yuta from behind. Stokely is here and gives MJF the Dynamite Diamond Ring, but Regal leaves the commentary table and puts on the brass knuckles! MJF thinks better of it and heads to the back.

Video package is shown of the history between the JAS and Daniel Bryan.

Match #2. Jay Lethal vs. Darby Allin

Standing switch to trade as Darby comes off the top with a springboard arm drag take over. Monkey flip attempt by Darby as Lethal cartwheels out of it. Monkey flip attempt by Lethal as Darby lands on his feet but Lethal dropkicks the knee. Lethal now focusing the attack on the knee with some stomps as Darby collapses hitting the ropes. Darby jumps for a guillotine choke and slides down the back of Lethal before hitting the Scorpion Death Drop. Elbow drops to the inside thigh of Darby as Lethal seems to be setting up the figure four. Darby reverses a vertical suplex for a cradle that gets two. Lethal chop blocks Darby’s knee as he looks for a springboard during the commercial break. Release belly to belly suplex by Lethal. Lethal sets Darby up on the top and connects with an avalanche dragon screw! Figure four by Lethal in the center of the ring now. Darby gets to the ropes. Lethal looks for the Lethal Injection but Darby back flips him and hits a running Code Red for a two count. Darby goes up top but Lethal crotches him. Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh are on the stage but Lethal sends them to the back. Darby with a hurricanrana for a two count as both men trade pins back and forth but Darby is able to catch Lethal in the Last Supper and that’ll get it!

Winner: Darby Allin

Rating: ***. Two damn good professional wrestlers just doing their thing. The commercial break in the middle hurt a little bit but it was good to see Darby Allin get another win here, after losing several in a row. Both men have great chemistry but I think there’s a lot more meat on the bone here.

After the match, Darby is telling Lethal that Lethal doesn’t need Singh and Dutt. Darby looks for a handshake and shoves Lethal. Darby gets the shake!

Video packaging highlighting Prince Nana and The Embassy.

Match #3. AEW TNT Title: Wardlow (c) vs. Brian Cage

Two monsters here as Cage starts early with a forearm and some shoulders into the corner. Wardlow grabs a hold of Cage and delivers some shoulders of his own. Double clothesline and neither man budges. Wardlow ducks a clothesline and hits a step up hurricanrana! Cage responds with a tieres and a 619 attempt but Wardlow catches him! Fall away slam. Wardlow is looking for the Powerbomb Symphony but Nana hits the apron. Cage reverses into a sit out Alabama Slam. Cage now boots Wardlow in the corner. Running pump kick by Cage. Cage now CURLS WARDLOW before tossing him overhead. Another pump kick to a downed Wardlow and Cage is fully in control through the break. Rising knee by Cage before sending Wardlow into the ropes but Wardlow with a hands free WHISPER IN THE WIND. German suplex by Wardlow. two. Third one is blocked but Wardlow hits an overhead belly to belly instead. Wardlow heads up top but Cage catches him with a kick. Deadlift suplex from the outside in by Cage gets two WITH EASE. CROWD IS UP FOR THIS. Two count. Drillclaw attempt by Cage but Wardlow pushes him off and catches him with a spinebuster for a long two. Discuss lariat by Wardlow but Cage ducks and hits the F5 into a flatliner for another two. Cage now looking for a powerbomb of his own but Wardlow catches him with a pair of headbutt before the wind-up lariat. Straps come down. Ruh roh. POWERBOMB. NUMBER TWO. NUMBER THREE. NUMBER FOUR. DONE.

Winner and STILL TNT Champ: Wardlow

Rating: ***1/2. Well, that exceeded all expectations. I’m torn because it almost made no sense to hot shot a huge match like this, but at the same time, Brian Cage probably got more out of this with the crowd than he did in his dozen squashes he’s had in AEW. I feel like there are plans for Ring of Honor, but without a TV deal, we’re going to get a few sprinklings throughout the weekly shows.

The Gates of Agony have hit the ring and The Embassy is here! NANA! Samoa Joe is here! The Embassy is putting a beat down on WarJoe but FTR is here to make the save! The crowd erupts!

Dr. Britt Baker DMD is here to answer the question that everyone is asking, and the answer is “no.” Saraya will NOT be wrestling in AEW because the doctors have not cleared her.

Match #4. Trios Match: Penelope Ford, Serena Deeb, & Jamie Hayter w/ Dr. Britt Baker DMD & Rebel vs. Willow Nightingale, Athena, & Toni Storm w/ Saraya

Willow and Hayter to start, in a continuation of their Rampage match. Scratch that, Ford gets tagged in as does Athena. Athena cartwheels out of a hip toss and lands on her feet. Dropkick to Ford. Athena catches Ford coming off the top rope and hits a powerslam for two. Deeb in now and the crowd is going crazy for her. Springboard cross body by Athena before making the tag to Storm. Dropkick by Storm. Triple team in the corner that ends with a running hip attack by Storm. Storm gets distracted and Deeb chop blocks her from behind. Hayter in now with a snap suplex. Quick tags now as Ford is in and chokes Storm over the middle rope. Deeb in now with an inverted dragon screw leg whip on Storm. Deeb with a leg lace on Storm before catching Athena and suplex her while dropping back on the leg. Enziguiri by Storm as Willow gets the hot tag in against Hayter. Spinebuster by Willow as Deeb breaks up the pin. Deeb in now as Willow grabs a crutch under the ring and Saraya disposes of Rebel and the crutch. POUNCE by Willow. Crescent kick by Ford. Dominator into a face buster by Athena. Spear by Deeb. Lariat attempt by Willow but Ford bridges out and connects with an Ace Crusher for two. Ford handsprings into the ropes but Willow hits a dropkick to the stomach. Doctor Bomb by Willow gets it done!

Winners: Willow Nightingale, Athena, & Toni Storm

Rating: **3/4. Strong trios match here with all six women working very well with each other. There is an organic groundswell behind Willow and Hayter that can’t be denied. This match was entertaining, but eventually we’re going to need more than mix and match trios and tag matches and come away with a legitimate contender for Storm’s title.

Dr. Britt Baker DMD is in the ring and so is Saraya. Baker gets in Saraya’s face and the women trade shots! Pull apart brawl ends with Rebel getting super kicked.

It’s National Scissoring Day and here come The Acclaimed. Caster raps about insider trading and Biden stuttering and the crowd goes wild. AEW no longer stands for All Elite Wrestling, it stands for Acclaimed Every Wednesday. The Acclaimed celebrate by scissoring, and Anthony Bowens is the “Sultan of Scissor.” Scissoring is a handshake, a sign of friendship, and a sign of a true team. The people want to be represented by a true team, not two dudes who were thrown together like Keith Lee and Sneaky Swerve. Everyone loves The Acclaimed.

Daddy Ass takes the podium. For everyone in the building and the millions, and millions of people at home… it’s National Scissoring Day. Ass then presents The Acclaimed with the scissor to the city of Washington DC. Caster wants everyone to turn to their right and their left and offer everyone a sign of peace with a scissor. Forty years ago, Max Caster’s dad was on the Washington Redskins team that won the Superbowl that year. Caster’s dad achieved greatness, just like The Acclaimed did when they won the tag team titles. Washington DC represents division, but tonight everyone loves The Acclaimed, and we are going to get the first bipartisan scissor.


Swerve thinks this is the most idiotic thing he’s ever seen. Swerve says both titles should be on Billy’s shoulders because he’s the reason they won this title. Next week, it will be Daddy Ass vs. Swerve. Smart Mark Sterling is here and he says The Acclaimed need him. Sterling says they need him to beat Swerve in Our Glory. Swerve gets scissored by The Acclaimed. Daddy Ass accepts the match and then the bipartisan scissor finally happens.

Tay Conti and Anna JAS interrupt Madison Rayne and Skye Blue in the back. Tag team match is quickly scheduled for Rampage.

Match #5. Rush w/ Jose the Assistant vs. Hangman Page

Elbows are traded by both men to start as Rush calls for more. Page responds with heavy chops before Rush ducks under and sends Hangman to the apron. TRANQUILO. Jose grabs the boot as Rush connects with a Superman punch that drops Page. Rush then beats on Page on the outside, before choking him with a camera cable. Rush rolls Page back in the ring and puts the boots to him in the corner. Stalling vertical suplex by Rush gets a one count. Page catches Rush coming in and connects with a fall away slam. Kip up! Page is struggling to his feet. Rush is on the apron and Page comes off with a double jump lariat. Piscato by Page connects and Rush gets sent in to the ring. Page catches Rush in mid-air and plants Rush with a big Death Valley Driver. Two count. Rush responds with some heavy chops and tries to dance on Page’s chest in the corner, but Page powers up and drops Rush for two. Buckshot attempt by Hangman but Jose is able to distract him briefly as Rush counters with a headbutt. Straitjacket piledriver! One, two, no! Bull’s Horns by Rush but Page connects with a jumping lariat. Page to the apron immediately… Buckshot! Hangman is on a roll!

Winner: Hangman Page

Rating: **3/4. This match was really building momentum, but again, the commercial slowed it down for me. Rush never had a chance of winning with Page wrestling Moxley in a few weeks, but the match was fine for what it was. Rush doesn’t feel as important as he should just yet, which is maybe why we only got five days of a build, but if Andrade is leaving… things could get interesting.

Private Party has hit the ring but so has… Jon Moxley? Moxley is standing on the outside surveying the area before grabbing the mic. Moxley has been waiting for this for three years. Three years of Dynamite. Three years of Moxley and Page circling each other. On October 18th there will be one “Last Man Standing” here in AEW. 13 days from now Moxley will break Page’s face, choke him until he turns blue, because Page is in the way. Moxley respects and admires Page, but when the bell rings, Mox doesn’t respect anything.

Page wonders why Moxley is leaving, especially if he’s been waiting for this for three years. Moxley says Page is a sweet kid, and he talks too much shit and his mouth gets him in trouble, like a lot of other kids around here.

Tony Schiavone is here with Willow and Willow wants Jade Cargill at Battle of the Belts. The Baddies are here with Jade. Didn’t Jake beat Willow twice already? Willow says Jade might be 38-1.

Match #6. Luchasaurus w/ Christian Cage vs. Fuego Del Sol

Chokeslam. Cutthroat. Finito.

Winner: Luchasaurus

Rating: NR. Did we need this?

Jungle Boy is here and cracks Luchasaurus with a chair. Twice. Luchasaurus wants to get back in the ring but Cage won’t let him. Jungle Boy used to love his best friend Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy wants to break him, doesn’t matter when or where. Christian says it’ll take place next week.

Match #7. Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara vs. Bryan Danielson & Daniel Garcia

Sammy wants Garcia to start and here we go… but wait, Jericho starts instead. Huge “F U Sammy” chants rings out. Code of Honor between the two and Garcia lays into Jericho with chops. Garcia hits the ropes and Sammy trips him up from the outside. Danielson gets the tag and lays some kicks into Sammy before connecting with a suicide dive to Jericho. Danielson up top with a missle dropkick that flattens Sammy. Cross face by Danielson but Jericho breaks it up. Danielson with an arm drag into a Cattle Mutilation on Jericho. Jericho fights to his feet and rolls Danielson through into the Walls of Jericho, which causes Garcia to come in and break it up. Double sledge by Jericho. Tag to Sammy who comes off the top but gets caught with a half and half suplex by Danielson. Dropkick in the corner by Danielson and a snap headlock suplex. Danielson goes up top but Sammy catches him with an avalanche Spanish Fly for a long two count. Garcia and Jericho both get the tag. Sammy comes off the top and eats a right hand as Jericho and Garcia shift focus to each other. Overhand right and a backdrop suplex by Garcia get two. Running penalty kick by Garcia. Garcia rolls through a Walls of Jericho attempt and locks in a Dragontamer of his own. Sammy breaks up the count with a superkick and then takes out Danielson on the outside. Jericho gets a two count on Garcia. Chops by Jericho but Garcia is eating them. Lionsault by Jericho but Garcia gets his knees up. Tag to Sammy who comes off the top with a diving cutter but Garcia catches him into a crossface. Jericho tries to break it up but Danielson is here to lock in one of his own. Hammer and anvil elbows by both Garcia and Danielson! Garcia and Danielson put Sammy on the top rope but Sammy backflips out of a back suplex attempt. Spanish Fly to Danielson and a tornado kick to Garcia. GTH attempt to Garcia but Garcia slaps Sammy and spikes him with a piledriver. Jericho breaks up the count from the outside but Danielson hits a rising knee off the apron. Superkick by Sammy to Garcia inside the ring as Jericho puts Danielson through a table on the outside. GTH by Sammy to Garcia inside the ring! Sammy goes up top now as Garcia is out. Sammy comes off the top with the shooting star press but Garcia gets the knees up. Dragontamer by Garcia but Jericho cracks Garcia with the title from the outside. Sammy covers Garcia and gets the three.

Winners: Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara

Rating: ***1/4. Bold move here with Sammy getting the win in light of current circumstances, but it continues the Jericho vs. Ring of Honor feud well enough. Another entertaining tag team match here, albeit a bit underwhelming considering the hopes I had for the match going in. Garcia and Danielson are damn near mirror images of each other, and I hope to see Garcia as part of the BCC sooner rather than later.

Final Thoughts: An entertaining 2 hours and 15 minutes tonight that begs the question, did we need the extra 15 minutes? AEW tries to make every Dynamite feel like a special show, but sometimes it feels forced, and tonight was as example of that. That said, this show was nothing if not consistent. The show kicked off with an impressive win by MJF and ended with Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho going over, which I’m sure won’t sit well with many people. Chris Jericho and the Ring of Jericho is an absolutely brilliant idea that I hope will lead to a fulltime TV deal for ROH and some great matches with former ROH champions along the way. Some of the biggest reactions tonight were The Acclaimed, MJF, Jamie Hayter, and Hangman Page, and that’s a great sign for AEW. 7/10.

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