Adam Cole discusses rumors of him joining the WWE


Adam Cole does leave Ring Of Honor for the WWE, he would be the second former world champion within Ring of Honor to do so in the matter of a few months. The other would be Kyle O’Reilly; who many speculate will end up in NXT some time, but he has yet to debut after signing with the WWE.

Adam Cole’s statement on the matter was as follows:

“I’m not even thinking about going to WWE. I’m completely focused on what I have in front of me right now.

People ask, ‘Well, would you ever like to go?’ Yes, some day. I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t want to have my own ‘WrestleMania moment.’

Yet the goals that I have and the task I have in front of me are keeping me fully focused on taking care of business in ROH and New Japan.”

Obviously, Adam Cole is not going to really talk about the prospects of joining the WWE ahead of a Ring of Honor pay per view this Friday.

His contract may be up very soon, but anything can happen. At the end of 2016, Jay Lethal’s contract was up with Ring of Honor and many speculated that he was heading to the WWE, but instead he signed a new two-year deal with ROH.

Adam Cole will be taking on the Decade of Excellence Tournament winner Christopher Daniels for the Ring Of Honor World Heavyweight Championship on the 15th Anniversary pay per view.

His fate in Ring Of Honor could very well hinge on the result of this match.

Adam Cole is a hell of a talent; which is the reason why he is the first person to ever have a third reign with the ROH World Title.

At the age of 27, his best years are still ahead of him. While he very well could debut on the main roster, it is probably best for Cole (and Kyle O’Reilly for that matter) to debut on NXT, get their feet wet for a year or two before moving on to the main stage.

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