According To Cody Rhodes Adam Cole Should Go To NXT


Source: Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast

On episode 137 of Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast, ‘The Last Professional Broadcaster’ Sam Roberts welcomed ROH World Champion Cody to the show. The former Cody Rhodes talked about former Bullet Club stablemate Adam Cole’s future in pro wrestling, why he thinks the IWGP Junior Heavyweight and Ring Of Honor World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks are better than The Revival, and missing the chance to work NXT’s Roderick Strong on the indies.

  • According to Rhodes, Cole should go to NXT, as a lot of indie guys do not have to start from scratch when they move onto WWE’s yellow brand.

Here’s the Highlights:

“Everybody [has] got to do what’s right for them and he won three different Ring Of Honor world titles. And, I mean, he made history for Ring Of Honor. He made that his home. He provided them a really great body of work. If Adam Cole ever asked me, ‘what should I do?’, I’m not saying he did, I feel like the answer is definitely, ‘go to NXT – go to WWE.’ I don’t know if that’s the decision that he has made because you don’t know. If it’s your time, you’ve got to go. And, hopefully, we’re seeing more and more, especially with NXT, guys who built their brand, they’re kind of protected because they already built their brand. Roderick Strong, Samoa Joe, like, they didn’t have to really come in and prove themselves. They already proved themselves. They’ve proven themselves to be the best. [Drew] Galloway, perfect example. And I hope that’s what Adam did.”

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