Aaliyah Kikumoto, the future Paige Spiranac


Slow play changes your life. This is also the power of the Augusta Masters where a 19-year-old entered as a cheerleader and came out with a job contract as a model. It’s the story of Masters Girl. A story that lasted 15 seconds and 4.5 million views on TikTok.

Aaliyah Kikumoto, story

The protagonist is a girl who remained nameless for a handful of hours and has now gone viral. Her name is Aaliyah Kikumoto and with her father Charles she was lucky enough to find the ticket for the fourth round in Magnolia Lane. But her fortunes don’t end there.

On Sunday 9 April you saw fit to follow the last team in the race, that of Jon Rahm and Brooks Koepka. The two remained on the field for a full five hours, standing still for a long time waiting for their colleagues to free “their” green. “Jon peed at least seven times,” Koepka said at the end of the day, complaining about the slow play of Hovland, Henley and Morikawa. In one of these breaks, she, Aaliyah Kikumoto, popped up.

The girl was behind the Spaniard and the American on the par 3 of the 16th hole, one of the longest waits. With Rahm leading the Masters and Koepka following closely, the cameras lingered on them for a long time. This is how Aaliyah ended up in the images, in the foreground with her green cap with the Augusta Masters logo.

The rest, in part, you can imagine by yourself. A well-known stars and stripes influencer cut that video and put it on the net. “I don’t know how but I fell in love with someone I only saw for 15 seconds” the text accompanying the movie. Not everyone will have been hit by Cupid’s arrow but many still watched those 15 seconds with a perfect stranger as the absolute protagonist.

The video was viewed 4.5 million times and the Masters Girl mystery didn’t last long. Aaliyah has in fact come out into the open, “denouncing herself” via TikTok.

Kikumoto is a 19-year-old student at Texas Tech University, a cheerleader in her spare time with an Instagram profile that has flown from 1,400 to 42,000 followers in a few hours. And she doesn’t end there: that face of her soap and water convinced a modeling agency to put her under contract. Masters Girl has become a testimonial of BSX Media, a clothing brand aimed at American youth.

“I immediately realized that something had happened – Masters Girl told the Daily Mail – because, returning from Augusta, with my family for dinner and they stopped and recognized me. The same happened at the airport. Then when I turned on my cellphone…”.

The dream in the drawer, not so veiled, is to become the new Paige Spiranac, a former player and now an all-round influencer.

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