a well-known name is making a comeback! (OFFICIAL)


Unsurprisingly, the workforce of Paris Saint-Germain should be remodeled in all lines during the next transfer window period. As the transfer window opens in a few days, new faces are expected in the capital. But this transfer window will also be placed under the sign of returns, with many loaned players called to return to France.

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If certain elements have been definitively transferred, like Eric Junior Dina-Ebimbe, who saw Eintracht Frankfurt exercise the option to buy his loan, others will be present at the resumption. Edouard Michut is one of them. After a season of discovery at Sunderland, the 20-year-old titi made the choice to leave the British team to return to his training club. ” The club offered me to stay. It is my decision not to stay at Sunderland. We did not agree on certain contractual points“, he said in an interview with L’Équipe.

“Finding the project that suits me the most”

Michut returns full of confidence. “It was a real challenge for me because I wanted to show people that I could fight in this kind of Championship, with strong players. And I’m happy with myself since I was able to show that I was holding on well on my support and that I was physically ready”.

What next? The midfielder says he is serene, assuring that he has ” no regrets » in relation to the misunderstandings of last summer with his management. ” I thought that after the two years I had spent at Paris Saint-Germain with the pros, I was going to resume training with them when it resumed. That’s not what happened, that’s football, that’s how it is. I can’t do anything about it (…) I am preparing for all eventualities. Paris has not yet finished its Championship, we will see then. My perspective is to continue to grow, to find the project that suits me the most. »

a well-known name is making a comeback! (OFFICIAL) 24hfootnews.

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