A Street Fighter 6 Cracked Version is Giving Some Pros an Early Advantage


Street Fighter 6’s pre-release window is heating up. We’ve got a fully accessible SF 6 demo that anyone can play, but it isn’t quite as useful for pro players looking to grind early as the older early access. They basically have the choice of spending their time grinding Ryu, or Jamie. That’s if you’re playing by the rules. On the other hand, some have taken to using a Street Fighter 6 cracked version with a bit more content.

A cracked version of the Street Fighter 6 game has been kicking around since early access. These are non-legal ways to try out the content released early. Most recently, players have taken to using a cracked version of the game. This gives them access to a wider spread of characters. There’s a lot of strong opinions on this, but should SF 6 cracked players be banned?

Street Fighter 6 Cracked version players controversy

Source: Capcom

What’s the Advantage to the Street Fighter 6 Cracked Version?

A cracked version of Street fighter 6 can give players access to the characters that were previously active in the beta, and let them continue their grind. With the Capcom Pro Tour this year having a record prize pool, the more time you can have with the bigger roster before events start, the better.

Major competitive tournaments are starting off pretty soon after the Street Fighter 6 release date, with even EVO being kind of close to launch. Players will need more time with the characters if they want to be competitive in events as quickly as possible. This has meant quite a few people have thought what’s the harm in downloading a cracked version of the game and starting off their grind early. This takes away the level playing field. Not everyone has access to a Street Fighter 6 cracked version, and it breaks Capcom’s own rules.

Should Cracked Players be Banned?

A lot of players are of the opinion that Street Fighter cracked players are breaking the rules, and need to be banned from competing. These players have deliberately broken rules, so that shouldn’t be allowed in a competitive environment. However, it’s unlikely that Capcom can track down and ban every player who has privately used a cracked version of the game.

Street Fighter 6 Cracked version controversy

Source: Capcom

Street Fighter 6 is likely to get a big update when it actually drops. SF characters are changing from early betas. The demo released only uses a low number of characters. There’s not as much impact from a sweeping day one patch. Those playing the cracked version of the game are getting more and more used to the early builds of the characters though. Most of that experience is going to be useless with the day one patch.

The Street Fighter 6 cracked version is providing an advantage. It’s not nearly enough of one when you bear in mind how outdated those builds will be on release. Players grinding World Tour are getting just as much hands on with the game’s mechanics. Those labbing the two available characters will at least have two of their match-ups pretty well honed. Ryu Street Fighter mains are obviously very lucky. The cracked players will be getting used to a version of the game that won’t ever see release though.

The Street Fighter 6 cracked players really just playing themselves. It’s unlikely much can be done about it though, even with a fair bit of outrage from those staying away from it.

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