A PSG player in blood after being hit, the terrible revelation


When I was little, I promised myself that I would have a job in line with football. Very quickly, I realized that my feet would not be enough to take me where I wanted so journalism became obvious.

In 2014, Thiago Motta and Brandao were linked by a case that French football would have preferred to avoid. After a meeting between PSG and Bastia, the Brazilian had hit the Parisian midfielder with a whim. Nine years after the events, the former OM returned to this scene which he bitterly regrets and which he finds difficult to digest.

Nine years ago, following a meeting between PSG and Bastiaa big altercation took place between Thiago Motta And Brandao. The former strikerOM felt he was insulted throughout the match by the Italian. The Brazilian therefore waited Thiago Motta down the hallway before headbutting him hard in the face, the middle of the PSG ended in blood. And Brandao fled running to his locker room.

“I suffered from depression”

In an interview given to Oh My Goal in the show colinterview, Brandao returned to this altercation which had earned him six months of suspension by the LFP and five months of suspended prison sentence: “ All the friends who know me, all the coaches who know me, know what my mentality is. Yes, it was a very hard moment because I was suspended for six months. So I suffered from depression. I don’t know if you realize what it’s like to go six months without playing. It is complicated. But life goes on. Today, all these stories are behind me, but at the time it was difficult because everyone thinks that I am like that, whereas on a daily basis I am someone who works a lot, someone who wets their jersey. , who smiles. People who know me know that I am someone who wants to give positive to others “.

Brandao got up, Motta forgave him

I didn’t talk about this story with everyone, but I did it with sincerity and everyone knows my way of being. I think that’s what matters most. Afterwards, what happened with Thiago Motta, it happened, it’s like that, it’s football too unfortunately. Without lying to you, it was very difficult at the time but I lifted my head and life goes on. I wanted to apologize to all the trainers, to all the children who saw the scene “, added Brandao. Nine years later, Thiago Motta forgave this gesture. “ I don’t hold a grudge against anyone today “, confided to RMC the former midfielder of PSG.

A PSG player in blood after being hit, the terrible revelation 24hfootnews.

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