a new charge against Verratti!


The poor performance of Paris Saint-Germain against Bayern Munich last Wednesday in the knockout stages of the Champions League is still talking. A player is unanimous against him.

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Marco Verratti, Paris Saint-Germain PSG

Marco Verratti took very expensive. Involved in the two goals conceded by Paris Saint-Germain against Bayern Munich (0-2), last Wednesday at the Allianz Arena in the round of 16 second leg of the Champions League, a new defeat against the German club synonymous with elimination before the quarter-finals, the Italian midfielder suffered criticism from many observers and consultants, including the journalist from RMC Daniel Riolo. For the latter, the 30-year-old simply no longer has a place in the Paris squad, to the point of campaigning for his return to Pescara.

“It’s been 10 years since he progressed one iota”

The transalpine international, whose current contract ends in June 2026, was also targeted by a former defender of Olympique de Marseille. On the set of Channel Football ClubSunday, Habib Beye lit without language of wood “Little Owl”. “Today, when I hear that Bitshiabu is responsible for the goal… The responsibility is 2000% for Verratti and it’s been like that for 10 years. Verratti, it’s been 10 years since he progressed one iota. We brought in Vitinha who is a slightly different Verratti. The problem is there. When I see a coach who has full power over sporting logic, the workforce, in his press conference… Either he is not telling the truth or he is being manipulated so as not to offend his players who are today untouchable.

Enlisted by PSG during the summer of 2012 for an amount of 12 million euros, Marco Verratti participated in 407 matches in all competitions with the Ile-de-France tunic, for 11 goals. In 2022-2023, number 6 has 29 appearances including 20 Ligue 1 matches.

a new charge against Verratti! 24hfootnews.

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