A Ligue 1 player returns to his refusal to wear the rainbow jersey


On May 14, on the occasion of the world day against homophobia, Ligue 1 had imposed on clubs to wear a jersey where the numbers of the players were flocked in the colors of the rainbow.

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OM Angers, homophobia

Some of them had preferred not to be aligned during this famous 35th day. A behavior that had particularly challenged the captain of OM, Valentin Rongier: “JI don’t know what is going on in the minds of these players, the education they have received, what has been put in their heads. It must be said to these players that wearing this jersey is not parading at Gay Pride. It’s just to say that we have to fight homophobia because there are injustices, people who are beaten, killed because they are homosexual and that in 2023, this kind of situation must no longer happen.“, he had explained in the press.

Among the players targeted, Mostafa Mohamed, the center forward of FC Nantes. While his club was struggling to maintain, the Egyptian international had preferred to sit on the bench rather than wear the tunic. A choice for which he had been singled out. Asked by The Team this Friday, the native of Giza returned to this episode.

“It was beyond my capabilities”

The club has already communicated about this, I have no desire to go back on it. It was beyond my abilities, I obviously felt like I was abandoning the team a bit at that time. But I respect everyone, it is also for this reason that I still play for FC Nantes. For me, the page is turned.

The former Galatasaray felt that the Nantes public understood his decision: “Certainly they understood, a little, my point of view. That I am respectful of people and they respect me back. It’s really a big audience, warm.

A Ligue 1 player returns to his refusal to wear the rainbow jersey 24hfootnews.

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