A.J. Styles On The One NXT Wrestler He Wants To Face, What’s Left To Accomplish In His Career & More


A.J. Styles was recently interviewed by Wrestlezone. During the interview, Styles was asked which NXT wrestlers he’d like to get in the ring with. While he mentioned that there were many that he believes he could have a great match with, he specifically mentioned ECIII as a person of interest. He also touched on what he still wants to accomplish in his career and more. Here are the highlights from the interview:

On Which NXT Wrestlers He’d Like To Face:

I’ve never been in the ring with EC3 before, so that will be fun to see a match with him. But, there are several that are coming up through NXT shortly, and there’s a number of them that I could have amazing matches with.

On Why He Doesn’t Wear A Cup In The Ring:

You know, even when I played baseball when I was younger, I didn’t like wearing a cup because it got in the way. It just was in the way. If I wore one now, and I did a splash and missed, how would that feel? There are things that could happen in a match that this whole cup thing could actually hurt me. Just sayin’. I don’t need to have any more kids anyway.

On What He Still Needs To Do In Order To Feel Like He’s Reached The “Upper Echelon”:

I feel like there’s one more level that I need to reach before I really feel like this ‘WWE Superstar’ and that’s really made a difference in this business. I’m not sure how I’m going to get there, but I’m going to continue to work hard and see what happens next.

You can listen to the full Wrestlezone interview with A.J. Styles below:

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