“A disgusting environment”: A crisis can save PSG


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After inheriting Bayern Munich for the knockout stages of the Champions League, PSG have no room for error a year after elimination against Real Madrid. The Parisian team will therefore approach the shock with a certain pressure, but the Bavarian club is far from preparing the event in the best possible arrangements, the fault of the psychodrama triggered by Manuel Neuer which is shaking Bavaria.

This is one of the big shocks of these knockout stages of the Champions League between two title contenders. On February 14, the Bayern Munich will move on the lawn of the PSG for the first leg, a shock that will take place in a very particular context within the Bavarian club. “ We feel that the machine is coming back, but it is polluted by an environment, excuse me the word, disgusting at the momentanalyzed Monday in theAfter Foot Polo Breitnera specialist in German football at RMC. We only talk about that, it’s the Manuel Neuer affair, one more I want to say. »

Neuer does not digest the departure of the goalkeeping coach

THE Bayern Munich has been in a storm since the release of Manual Neuerblaming the dismissal of the goalkeeping coach Tony Tapalovic which he was very close to, acted during his convalescence, the German being forfeited until the end of the season after fracturing a leg while ski touring. “ It touched me extremely. For me, it came out of nowhere. For Tony too. I didn’t understand at all. It really knocked me outdropped Neuer in an interview, not authorized by the Bayern Munichgranted to the German media Suddeutsche Zeitung. I felt like my heart was being ripped out, it’s the most brutal thing I’ve experienced in my career. And I really saw things. People burst into tears. It’s a big disappointment. “The club would particularly blame Tapalovic to have disclosed to certain players the content of private exchanges of the staff of Julian Nagelsmann and for not having facilitated the reconciliation with alexander Nubelloaned toAS Monacoto replace Manual Neuer during his absence.

“Didn’t he say a few weeks ago that no one was above the club? »

Since then, the controversy has swelled, and everyone has their own commentary. In the environment of Bayern Munich, we castigate the 36-year-old doorman, accused of disturbing the balance of the club and thinking of his personal interests first. ” What Manuel says in certain parts of these two interviews in relation to Toni Tapalovic’s departure does not correspond to him as captain, nor to the values ​​of FC Bayern.replied oliver KahnChairman of the Board of Directors. Moreover, his statements are not timely, because we are on the eve of very important matches. He is personally affected, it must be understood to some extent. We were aware of this when we explained to him that this decision was the best for our team. » lothar Matthaus goes further by saying that Manual Neuer can no longer wear the captain’s armband. ” He skied carelessly and is now giving an unauthorized interview in which he vehemently attacks the club. Didn’t he say a few weeks ago that no one was above the club? And now this… “, Launches the former glory of the German club on SkyGermany.

“You have the group on one side, against Nagelsmann, the management plus the world experts”

Kicker brings more information, that is, it was never mad love between Nagelsmann and Neuerexplain Polo Breitner on RMC. Besides, last year, it wasn’t mad love either with Lewandowski, and as luck would have it, it’s the older generation that perhaps bothers Nagelsmann a little in his takeover at Bayern. Munich. Kicker also tells us that a lot of players are in solidarity with Manuel Neuer, so you have the group on one side, against Nagelsmann, the management plus the world experts. » The psychodrama triggered by Neuer comes at the worst time for the Bayern Munich, and this could have consequences for the future of the international. ” We wonder about the future of Manuel Neuer when he returns, does he still have to come back since his contract ends in 2024, and we also wonder politically if all this has not been orchestrated by the direction of Bayern so that Manuel Neuer blows a hose, to say to himself, “you see Manuel it’s over, and we will prepare for the future” “, analysis Polo Breitner. THE PSG in any case rubs his hands on this deep malaise in Munich.

“A disgusting environment”: A crisis can save PSG 24hfootnews.

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