6 SNEAKY Times Wrestlers Were On Screen & YOU DIDN’T KNOW


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Six Sneaky Wrestlers Times Wrestlers were onscreen and you didn’t know.

6. CM Punk is John Cena’s Gangster

– CM Punk was a standout talent for WWE development and from day one after success Ring Of Honor. WWE decided to give him the honor of performing at Wrestlemania 22 in a very minor role.

5.  Tye Dillinger is Stand

– The backstage of D-Generation X let you tie Dillinger having a cool appearance in WWE over a decade ago. Shawn Michaels tried to prove his reputation of being a controversial figure in the wrestling business. Dillinger played a VAX each employee doing his job as Michaels walked up to him to ask his name upon. Dillinger saying his name was Tye. Michaels gave him a superkick.
Now Tye Dillinger is on the SmackDown Live Brand.

4. Becky Lynch And Braun Strowman as Rosebuds

– Adam Rose is party character gave television time to many relevant name. WWE replaced the developmental talents and local independent wrestlers in exotic express of parties wearing wacky costumes and dancing with roles to the ring to the biggest stars in WWE or part of this one Becky Lynch and Braun Strowman both were colorful outfits looking like they’re out of a party city at.

3.Rov Van Dam Kisses TED Dibiase’s

– A sneaky moment of a future star appearing on WWE television featured Rob Van Dam getting involved in a TED Dibiase segment. This Actually wasn’t a planned like the rest of the instances on this list. Dibiase was in the midst of this arrogant wealthy heel character the segments will show him offering. Dibiase wanted a fan to kisses for a hundred dollars during a show that Van Dam as a fan. RVD was selected and went through with kissing the foot for the money.

2.Lita appears in a role she’d like yo forget

– The Attitude Era gave us characters like the Godfather WWE allowed him to play with his own personal hose leading ‘em to the ring each week.  WWE looking for the local wrestlers.they frequently hired local exotic dancers for the role.

1. Alexa Bliss, Charlotte and Sasha appear with Triple H

– Triple H is currently viewed as the prop top of NXT he helped get to the main rosters. The Wmoman’s revolution maybe the best thing to come out of NXT creating a new credible world for the female performers of the business. Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss are arguably the top three on the main roster. All three were hand picked by Triple H to play a role in his Wrestlemania 30 entrance. First match with Daniel Bryan.

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