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Renee young gets slapped now


Whenever business and personal lives mix, bad things can happen.

Ever since The Miz brought the relationship between Renee Young and new Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose to everyone’s attention a couple of weeks ago on “Smackdown Live,” things have gotten intense between all parties involved.

Young even took things into her own hands when she slapped The Miz following his comments.

Last night on “Smackdown Live,” Maryse, who is the wife of the Miz took exception to this, and took her frustrations out on Young, slapping her while she was talking to a producer backstage:

On “Talking Smack,” following the show, General Manager Daniel Bryan fined Maryse $5,000 for her actions. He said that it is inappropriate for superstars to physically attack non-in-ring talent.

Bryan would then follow up by calling out The Miz, saying that the reason that he does not want to defend his title against other superstars is because they are all better than him. Naturally, this did not sit well with the “A-Lister:”

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