10 WWE Returns Rumored for 2018


10. Batista:

Batista recently said in an interview on Jim Ross’ podcast that he’s ready to return to WWE as a full timer. Batista says that he is still in contact with Vince McMahohan he told Vince that he wants to have a feud with Triple H when he comes back.

9. Chris Jericho

We reported that Chris Jericho announced that he is going to wrestle for New Japan Pro Wrestling. He might returning to the RAW 25th anniversary or the Royal Rumble.

8. Hulk Hogan

We also reported that, possibly Hulk Hogan returning to WWE. Rumors says that Hulk Hogan will make his WWE return at 25th Anniversary of RAW on January 22nd 2018.

7. Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley has been very vocal rencently about his hope to wrestle Brock Lesnar in WWE one day. Lashley possibly returning in 2018.

6. Goldberg

After Goldberg lost the Universal Championship to Brock Lesnar. It looked like Goldberg would never return to WWE ever again but it looks like things have changed now. Goldberg recently posted a photo on social media of himself when he was Universal Champion. He teases that he wants to come back to WWE. Sooner rather than later.

5. Neville

As noted that Neville was walked away from WWE during the Monday night RAW on 9 Oct. 2017. He walked out because he was angry about still being in the Cruiserweight. Hope he’ll be returning sometime in early 2018.

4. EC3

Impact Wrestling has been losing wrestlers all the time. WWE being much more open assigning former Impact Wrestlers. EC3 who wrestled for NXT as Derrick Bateman could return to WWE in 2018.

3. Nikki and Brie Bella

Rumor has it the Nikki and Brie Bella may be returning to wrestle for WWE at some point at 2018. but it might just be on a part-time basis though.

2. Rey Mysterio

Rey Mystery is one of the top wrestlers who is currently not signed to WWE but there been many rumors recently that suggests that Rey will be coming back but for a special reason. Rey Mysterios’s oldest son Dominic is training to be a wrestler and Rey also has been trying to get his son a contract with WWE. Rey is so determined to have his son in WWE. Rey may return to WWE as a way to reply the company if they sign his son.

1. Daniel Bryan

Former WWE Champion might be coming out of retirement to wrestle for WWE in 2018. Daniel Bryan  is in many interviews recently saying that he’s working on trying to get clear to wrestle again

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